Scarecrow Squeeze

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Move Targets: Core


Step 1: Stand with your feet under the hips, roll the shoulders back and down and hold the weights at your side. Create a 90-degree bend in the arms – you will maintain this bend throughout the entire move. Brace the abs and slightly bend the knees to keep pressure out of the lower back.


Step 2: Lift the arms up like wings. Make sure the elbows are at the same height as your fists and shoulders. Squeeze the shoulder blades together.


Step 3: Rotate the shoulders to lift the hands only. You won't be able to get your fists in line with your shoulders because there is limited mobility with the rotator cuff. Instead, lift until you feel that natural stop. Squeeze the shoulder blades together.


Step 4: Close the weights in toward each other without dropping the elbows or crunching the shoulders into the ears. Reverse the entire exercise by opening up to the sides, then lowering the fists and finally bringing the arms back to your side. Repeat.


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