7 Epic Exercises with Resistance Bands

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Resistance bands are an excellent strengthening alternative to free weights because they provide a smoother and wider range of motion. You can also change up the amount of resistance by how much slack you provide along the band. Want more of a challenge? Make the band shorter. Need to ease up? Give yourself more length. Now, check out these seven epic exercises to maximize your workout results!

1. Bicep Curls: With a band, these are similar to bicep curls with free weights. With one end in each hand and the feet holding the band securely to the floor, curl both arms up toward the chest and back down. Elbows stay tucked into the sides of the body. See more on the move here.


2. Pelvic Push: Beginning with a bridge, place the band across both hips and hold a handle in each hand. Squeeze your legs and lift your booty to a pelvic bridge while keeping your hands on the floor. See more here.


3. Hip Abduction: Complete this move while standing, with the band under your feet. Lift your outer leg as high as you can and bring it back down without putting weight on it. Repeat several times on the same side, then switch. See more on the move here.


4. Triceps Kickbacks: Isolate the back of the arm with this band-burner move. Begin by standing, with both feet, on the middle of the band and taking an end in each hand. With your arms bent and elbows at your sides, extend both arms straight back and return to start. You need to keep those elbows close to the body! Check it out here.


5. Seated Row: Show some love to the upper back! Sit on the floor with both legs together and extended in front of you. Wrap your band around the middle of both feet and take an end in each hand (choose your slack here), palms facing each other. Pull the band toward your body in a rowing motion and return, feeling the shoulder blades squeeze together. Get more details here.


6. Lunge with Bicep Curl: Nothing like a good compound move for your workout! With the middle of the band under one foot and an end in each hand, step backward into a lunge while curling the arms, palms into the shoulders. See it here.


7. Crossed Resistance: Here's another great compound move for total-body results. Side steps involve standing with both feet on the band, crossing each end to make an “X” and taking an end in each hand. Start with the feet under the hips, then step out to the side twice, working the glutes and thighs. You'll work the core and arms by holding the bicep curl position and stabilizing through the tummy muscles. Repeat in the opposite direction. See it here.


Go ahead and try this routine with your resistance band (and even more exercises) for a full-body workout!