Kitchen Upcycle: Reuse Old Gadgets to Make New Ones

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Ready to do some repurposing? Real Simple has come up with 13 ways to take the old stuff laying around your kitchen and turn it into something useful! Do you have kitchen hacks that make life more simple? Tell us about them in the comments below.

1. Cookie Cutter to Make a Cake Topper: Place a number-shaped cookie cutter on a frosted cake, then fill in with a layer of sprinkles. Remove the cutter and—voilà!—the cake is decorated and candle-ready.

cookie cutter cake topper
(Photo: Real Simple)

2. Ice Cubes as a Soup Skimmer: To skim excess fat from soup without refrigerating it, fill a metal ladle with ice cubes and glide it along the surface a few times, wiping the ladle as needed. Excess fat will cling to the ladle’s bottom (and not yours).

ice cubes soup skimmer
(Photo: Real Simple)

3. Cupcake Liner to Make Multi-Colored Crayons: Fill foil liners about two-thirds full with unwrapped crayon stubs in assorted colors, place in a muffin tin, and bake at 275° F until melted (about 10 minutes). Then freeze for cool colors with zigzag edges.

cupcake liner crayons
(Photo: Real Simple)

4. Jam Jar as a Terrarium: Thanks to its tight-fitting top, which locks in moisture, a jam jar is ideal for a moss-and-fern countertop garden.

jam jar terrarium
(Photo: Real Simple)

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5. Parchment Paper as a Meat Divider: Layer squares of paper between burgers, steaks, or pork chops before freezing to make it easier to separate them later.

parchment paper meat divider
(Photo: Real Simple)

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6. Cupcake Liners as Paper Lanterns: For a soft glow, poke the bulbs on a strand of miniature lights through the flat bottoms of the liners.

cupcake liner lights
(Photo: Real Simple)

For more kitchen upcyle ideas, check out the original article on Real Simple.

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