Front Kick

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Move Targets: Glutes and Core


Step 1: Come into a staggered position with feet at hip-width, one in front and one in the back. Put most of your weight in the front leg, keeping the knee behind the toe. Fists are by the face in fighting position.


Step 2: Bring the back leg forward into a knee lift. You want the foot to come under the hamstring first, bringing the heel toward the butt before opening up in your kick. Keep the standing leg bent for good support and protection of the knee joint. The same-side arm will begin to drop the elbow to the outside of the kicking leg.


Step 3: Explode into your front kick, going only as high as you can. You want the leg to extend straight out in front of you. Drop the same-side elbow to the outside of the leg and maintain the bend in your grounded leg. Bring the heel toward the butt again as you reverse the kick, and find your staggered stance with fists by the face.


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