Planks for Days: 13 Variations You Need to Try

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Do you love to plank? Regardless if you answered yes or no, we've got something great for you! Change up your plank routine with one of these variations; not only will it make your workout a little more interesting, but you can work new muscles!

1. Side Plank Super Crunch: Target those tricky obliques with this super plank variation! You'll really be able to feel the burn in your sides with this move and you'll want to start including it in every workout! Check out easy-to-follow instructions here.

2. Plank with Lateral Arm Raise: Work out your core and your upper back with this lateral arm raise! It's a simple way to change your plank but it can give you big results. Click here to get step-by-step instructions for this move.


3. Spider Plank: A spider plank is a great way to get in some more core work. By changing up your leg placement, you can work your core in an all-new way. See the move here!


4. Elevated Plank Walk: Get in some shoulder action with this plank variation! By walking it out, you can work your upper body and sculpt those shoulders for a sexy look. See the details of the move here.

plank walk

5. Side Plank Leg Lifts: Ready to slim down that mid section? A side plank with a leg lift is a great way to work your core! With tons of balance and muscle control. this plank variation will kick your butt. See how it's done here.


6. Side Plank Needle Thread: If you've mastered the side plank, then you're ready to thread the needle! It's a great way to work those tricky obliques and your shoulders! Click here to learn the move.


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7. Kneeling Side Plank Clamshells: This plank variation works your core and glutes at the same time. It'll challenge your balance and really make you work on muscle control.

8. Bosu Plank Leg Lifts: Ready for a plank that will target your total body? This all-encompassing move will tone from head to toe! For more details on the this plank variation, click here.

bosu plank leg lifts

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9. Intensified Plank: If you aren't quite ready to get crazy with your plank, this move is a great next step. It's more intense than a traditional plank but won't push you past your limits! Learn the move by clicking here.

intensified plank

10. Side Star Plank: This plank variation is another total body toner! You'll be using a lot of balance and muscle control on this move and will definitely feel your efforts later! Click here for details on the proper form.

skinny mom side star plank

11. Forearm Plank: This is a more simple plank variation. You simply hold your plank while down on your forearms instead of having the entire arm extended. It's a great way to target your abs and get in a killer core workout. Click here to get more info.

12. Booty Lift Plank: If the name of this plank variation isn't intriguing enough, then the results will be! With this move, you'll be focusing on both your abs and glutes so you can tone and tighten both those tricky spots! Check out the move by clicking here.

booty lift plank

13. Mission Impossible Plank: Inspired by Tom Cruise, this plank variation will help you on your mission to tighten up your tummy! It's a great way to target your abs while changing up a boring workout routine! To learn more about the move, click here.

mission impossible plank

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