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Under Armour has realized a woman’s most important piece of workout wear: a solid sports bra. And because the company strives to provide only the best quality products for peak performance, it also realized that things needed to change in the way it made bras and the way we view them. From this, the new Armour Bra® collection was born.

Under Armour sports bra
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The main focus of the new product line is the Armour High Bra, designed to help you stay focused on nothing but your goals. Its innovative features like lightweight gel shoulder straps and a flexible gel underwire help it provide unmatched support and comfort. Those gel features may also reduce exercise-induced chafing which many women experience while running or participating in high-impact exercise.

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The new Armour Bra is available in low-, medium- and high-impact styles that range from $24.99 to $59.99. The line may not be as extensive as Nike’s 5 style Pro collection or Victoria’s Secret’s 6 styles, but the company says that’s not the goal.

Under Armour says that the story of this I WILL WHAT I WANT® project isn’t told in articles, campaigns or posts. It’s instead “dripping down our backs — each drop a declaration to prove that the space between woman and athlete is no space at all.”

The spokeswomen of the campaign, a group called the "Under Armour Women of Will", includes five impressive athletes who’ve all experienced challenges and pushback while working toward their goals.

under armour sports bra
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Ballerina Misty Copeland was told she was too old, too curvy and too dark to be a premiere dancer. Skier Lindsey Vonn fought through two injuries just as she was nearing a world record break. Model Gisele Bündchen got 43 nos before receiving a yes in the fashion industry. Surfer Brianna Cope struggled with the pressure that accompanied the crowds and cameras. And soccer player Kelley O’Hara was asked to play a new position on the field just before the 2012 Olympics.

While these women faced adversity on their quests to success, they WILL what they want, says Under Armour. This campaign is about connecting those setbacks and successes as woman and athlete with the new line of sports bras. "It offers the innovation, comfort and support that allows me stay focused on the slopes, in the gym, and in my everyday life," Vonn said. Copeland says support is key in her career and life; this support should also be found in your sports bra.

under armour sports bra
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Outside of this online campaign, the company has hosted several events nationwide to help women best understand bra fit, use and care. "We believe that a woman shouldn't have to compromise or settle in any area of her life, and that includes her choice of sports bra. We're starting a real, organic, and emotional conversation with women about what they want and need in their bras, and we're backing it up with best-in-class product that eliminates distractions and allows her to focus on performance," said Adrienne Lofton, SVP of Brand Marketing for Under Armour.

This new collection for women is also an important step toward providing quality products for more women because, while Under Armour is the second largest athletic wear brand behind Nike, most of its customers are men. To continue this trend of girl power, Under Armour will release the Breathe bra next spring, the next style in the innovative Armour Bra series.

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