18 Exercises To Help You Lose Weight FAST

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There's nothing better than a quick fix when it comes to weight loss! If you play it smart, you can trigger those fat-burning functions with the right moves. At the same time you burn fat, you're also pumping blood to those muscles, making them more prominent over the soft tissue. You might be surprised that most of the exercises to burn fat are not strictly cardio. That's good news for those of you who despise running! You'll get better results with resistance training and compound exercises since strength training will help you initiate the process faster. Pick your favorites from this list and try them each for 60 seconds!

1. Ball Slams: Using a med ball as your resistance will force you to fight the laws of physics, both gravity and velocity. You'll need power behind the throw and fast-twitch muscle speed for the recovery. See more here.


2. Runner's Lunge Dips: Love feeling the fat actually burn?! With or without dumbbells, get into your runner's lunge. Without moving the front leg at all, bend and straighten the back. Stay low and you'll feel the fat crying off your thighs and backside by the second rep. Get details here.


3. Touchdowns: Thin out the fat storage and make room for coordinated muscles as you lunge and lift. Repeat this move on the same leg for several reps before you switch. If you feel out of breath after a couple reps, that means you're doing it right! Learn more here.


4. Plié Squat Jump: Hey, ballerina! Time for class. Make sure you keep the pelvis pushed forward and feet wide. Always land with a soft knee. Plyometrics are great for initiating fat burn. See the move here.


5. Static Lunges with Dumbbells: Grab those dumbbells and reverse the leg into a lunge. Hit the 90-degree angles in both knees and breathe: inhale on the way down, exhale as you push out. Training the big muscles means you're using more energy, also known as fat and calories. Jump in for the skinny minute video below or learn more about it here.

6. Single Arm Clean and Press: Dust off that kettlebell and make it work for you. Set it between the feet, pull it up against the body with the elbow pointing high, flip the elbow down and into the ribs as you dip the legs and boom: press. Reverse the move and repeat on the same side for several reps. All the dipping and cleaning will fire energy requests from fat storage all over the body. See it here.


7. Wall Balls: Bring out that med ball again. Pick a spot on the wall and aim for it every time! Get your power from the squat, then push that sucker up to the target, releasing it from your grip. Be ready to catch it and drop back into your squat immediately. This is a big-time fat burner and heart helper. Get more on it here.


8. Resistance Band Squat and Press: This is the type of resistance training that will really burn up the unwanted fat. Step on the band with feet under the hips, squatting down and pushing up with the arms overhead. Try doing three sets of 12 with 10 seconds of rest in between sets. Get more tips here.


9. Weighted Scissor Arms: This exercise might look deceiving in terms of difficulty, but try holding that half-squat position for 30 seconds! Keep the weight in your heels and back straight, chest lifted. The arms are also straight as you move them up and down without rocking the torso. Get more on the combo move here.


10. Mountain Climbers: Everyone loves mountain climbers! No? Hit the deck and get into your high plank. Without letting your hips rise up, alternate tucking the knees to the chest. Shoulders stay over the hands. You get to work the core, legs and heart all at once. Go ahead and try it now with Real Mom Model Amanda Strong for 60 seconds, or bookmark the tips and tricks here.

11. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick: You'll feel this one in the buns, for sure. The glutes are the biggest muscle group in the body. They require a lot of energy and blood flow to function! Combine a lunge with a powerful front kick to deplete your fat reserves and dip into calorie-burning land. See it here.

Reverse Lunge with Front Kick ALL

12. Figure 8 Squat with Kettlebell: Get low and swing that bell around and through the legs. You have to keep your weight in the heels and your back straight. Try this one in the mirror, checking yourself to make sure the chest is lifted. You should feel it in the butt, legs, core and shoulders. Get more guidance here.

KB Figure 8 Grouped

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13. Power Knee/Grab: A kickboxing classic, the grab is a powerful lunge-crunch combo. Step the leg back long and swiftly pull it up and into the chest as the arms pull inward. Keep repeating on the same side before you switch. Learn to love it here.


14. Bob and Weave: If you give this move your full effort, it will love you just as much in return. Get wide and low with arms up in fighting position. Act like an opponent is throwing a punch straight to the face, but you quickly react with your legs and core, shifting to the side. Drop back down to the bob and weave the opposite direction. See it right here.


15. Burpee: What is weight loss without a burpee? Drop the hands to the floor, plank it out, bring the legs back in and explode for the finish. This is a total-body exercise that provides bodyweight strength training and full cardio all in one. Get step-by-step details here.


16. Skater Jumps: Again with the lower body cardio! The skater is a mix of the curtsy lunge, crossing one leg over the other in a deep bend. Reach the hand to the floor, then immediately switch sides. Don't even try to stand up until your reps are through! Get more details on the footwork here.


17. Switch Kicks: Tap into your inner cheerleader with some challenging kicks! Start in your reverse tabletop, then kick one leg up, switching the kicks mid-air. You'll burn fat in the core as you stabilize and assist the kicks; the legs as you quickly switch, and the shoulders are you support your bodyweight. Oh, and there's the whole cardio factor. Get more details here.


18. Deadlift to Upright Row: Fat's worst enemy is a good deadlift. Combine it with an upright row to max out. Make sure you keep the weights so, so close to the body as they slide up and down the legs. Once you get the technique down, go heavier! Check out this compound move here.


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