Can Your Personality Define Your Workout?

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Beginning a new workout routine? The biggest key component to sticking with it is making sure it's for you. It's tough to gauge until you're knee-deep in a membership or staring at a pile of DVD workouts, wondering where your motivation went. Not everyone is supposed to love running or be extraordinarily in tune with their chi or wake up every morning ready to push around a barbell. Workouts are personal. So, why not base your first step off of your personality?

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Researcher, writer and consultant on the link between personality and exercise, Suzanne Brue, developed a scientific approach to understanding your fitness preferences. Based off of a 28-question quiz (take it here), you'll be able to learn your fitness color. The questions explore your nature: extrovert, introvert, sensory abilities, emotional versus practical approaches, and more. You'll notice in your results that you're either a "harmony," which is more of a feeler or an "efficiency," which identifies a thinker.

Color Me Fit. One of the eight colors will be matched with your personality. These brief summaries describe what Brue developed, and Skinny Mom paired the summaries with potential exercise guides. (via 8 Colors)

Blues: Loyal and dependable, you'd do well holding onto a membership or following a niche path of exercise, like running or dancing.

Golds: Traditional and conservative and motivated by achievements, you'd do well in competitive environments like CrossFit, pole fitness, race-running or obstacle courses and swimming (ever consider a Tough Mudder?)

Whites: Imagine a blank canvas ready for all your visions and ideas; you'd do well not to invest in a membership, but form a routine around different practices like yoga, Pilates, spinning, some weight training, hiking and more.

spinning class instructor on stationary bike

Purples: Outgoing and self-assured, you'd do well as an instructor or team leader, getting your exercise in with recreational teams and trying new or extreme sports.

Greens: Nature-loving spirit who loves the outdoors, you'd do well signing up for clubs that meet for skiing trips, acro yoga in the park, weekend hikes and the like.

Reds: Quick responders and effective directors, you'd do well as a coach or a solo act, designing your own routine and programming with great self-discipline (get inspired with these workouts).

Saffrons: Seekers of clarity and truth and drawing attention, you'd do well in a T-shirt and shorts kind of environment where you can workout without a care and totally smash it (like an all-women's gym).

Silvers: Flexible and ready for new opportunities, you'd do well practicing yoga for mental resets and doing workouts with a more gentle, personable approach versus something with high intensity. Consider small group settings or a well-matched personal trainer.

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