Short On Time? Blast Fat in 5 Minutes Flat

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Who isn't short on time these days? Even though everything else seems to take the lead in your life, don't let your health get comfortable in the back seat. Find five minutes today to initiate some real fat burning by following these moves. Not only will your body be destroying those fat cells, but you'll be feeling pretty darn good yourself. Give it a try!

30 Seconds of Jacks with Cross Body Punch: Take the heart rate from steady to pumping in 30 seconds by waking up the legs and arms. Whenever you throw a punch, the legs jack outward; pull everything back together and switch arms. Make those punches mean something! Check it out here.

Cross Body Punches

30 Seconds of Prisoner Jacks: One of the best ways to flip the switch on fat burning is to activate the leg muscles. They require the most energy because they contain the largest muscle groups! Stay low as the legs move in and out. Place the arms behind the head or on hips to modify. See it here.


45 Seconds of Plank Lunge and Jump: Hit the deck! Time to really use the core by starting in your high plank and stepping one foot to the outside of the hands, coming into a runner's lunge. Step the leg back to your plank and switch sides. Bring both feet up, keeping your stance wide and jump it back to your plank. Go at your own pace. If the inward jump to the deep squat bothers your knees, try standing up and performing a regular squat instead. See the move here.


15 Seconds of Marching in Place: Let's dial it back a notch so you can catch your breath and regroup for the next move. You can also jog in place if that's more your speed! More info here.


30 Seconds of Feet Taps: Real Mom Model Amanda Strong shows you how she utilizes a playground curb for this one. You can also try a BOSU ball, low bench or stair. Tuck the core in tight and be light on your feet! See the curbside taps here.


30 Seconds of Speed Bag Punches: Since you just worked the lower body with quick speed and agility, let's move that energy to the shoulders and arms. Keep the fists revolving over one another, raised high to the forehead. Bounce side to side on the balls of your feet. Check out the move here.


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1 Minute on the Clock for Burpees: This total-body move is the climax of your 5-minute fat-burner. Again, go at your own pace and use the modifications if you need to, like walking the legs in and out. Use an elevated surface (edge of the couch or a sturdy chair) to place your hands on if you can't quite get to the floor. Get details here.

30 Seconds to March in Place: You earned this break! This your active recovery. But don't get too comfortable because you have 30 seconds left.

30 Seconds of Toy Solider Stretch: Get those legs and arms working together one more time with this alternating exercise. Find your balance and coordination, stabilizing the body with your core muscles. Exhale on the lift and inhale when you come to standing again. Learn more here.

Toy Soldier ALL

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