Punch It! 9 Punches to Power Your Workout

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You know those days when you just want to punch something?! Well, now you have a perfect excuse to vent your frustrations through a little power cardio. When you practice kickboxing exercises, you're also alleviating and reducing stress, boosting confidence with each jab-cross and, of course, burning monster calories. Go ahead and make a fist. Let's punch it out!

1. Upper Cut: This sharp punch is a huge core strengthener and shoulder burner. You have to get low, bring the fist toward the hip, keeping your elbow in tight and punch straight up. Act like your opponent is inches away from you and your knuckles will land directly under the chin. Notice how your feet help you twist the body for momentum and power. There's nothing flimsy about this one! See it here.


2. Front Punch: This is a classic move for kickboxing! Make sure you check on your stance before you throw your punch, and watch that you are rotating your body correctly so you can throw the perfect punch! Click here to check it out.


3. Crunch and Punch with Band: Grab your resistance band and get ready to work it! This move will really have your core engaged, helping to trim, tone and tighten your middle. See how it's done here.


4. Speed Bag Punches: We love a move that works your shoulders, because that spot is often ignored! Toned shoulders are a great way to improve your Little Black Dress look, and this move is perfect to get you there! Learn this move by clicking here.


5. Power Punches: This is a total-body move to get your heart working! You'll love the burn of this plank variation because it helps to hit muscles that don't always get the love they deserve! Click here for details.


>> If you want more moves that amp up your planks, check these out!

6. Front Knee Raise with Punch: This is a leg workout that packs a punch, literally! It's a great addition to your workout routine to change things up and keep yourself from getting bored. To learn more about the move, click here.


7. Jacks with Cross Body Punch: Ready to firm that booty? This move with do that AND work your shoulders! If you only have time for a short workout, this is a good move to use in your routine. For step-by-step instructions, click here.

Cross Body Punches

8. Hook: Think you need to work on that hook? We can teach you how! It's a great move to work your shoulders, but make sure you're performing the move properly! Get the details on it here.


9. Cross Body Punches with Resistance Band: We took your punch and made it harder with a resistance band. It's a great way to challenge yourself and get in an awesome bicep and tricep workout! Click here for more info.