6 Foolproof, On-The-Go Workouts You Can Do Today

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Too busy to get to the gym or set up for a full workout? No problem. As long as you give 100 percent, no workout is time wasted. Since you're on the go, equipment is out of the question, so tap into your arsenal of bodyweight moves (like these top 25 exercises here). Set the clock for time or create a quick rotation of your favorite exercises – you might as well enjoy it!

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1. Timed Burpees: This workout is effective for several reasons, including the exercise is a total-body move and there are plenty of modifications. You can go at your pace, working the shoulders, core, legs and heart. In fact, in 2012, the CrossFit Open competition programmed this exact workout: as many repetitions as possible of burpees in 7 minutes. Check out 1 minute right here:

2. Tabata: It's a foolproof workout that uses a 20-seconds on, 10-seconds off rule. Whatever exercises you choose, you'll perform them for 20 seconds and rest for 10. Traditionally, you'll repeat the same exact exercise eight times in a row, totaling 4 minutes. If you want, just throw your own mix together and try to work for a set time. Check out this example below:

3. Pick Two: Like Panera, but not. Select two exercises, one for the upper body and one for the lower body. Then pick a number one through 10 to select your time and a second number one through 20 to select your number of reps. Start the clock and go back and forth between the two without breaking until the time is up! Try these:

4. Ladder Challenge: Pump up the intensity by challenging yourself against the clock or simply trying to finish a ladder set. Start with 50 reps and move your way down to 10. Select two or three exercises, doing 50 of each for the first round, then immediately starting back with the first exercise for 40 reps, repeating until you finish the last 10. Try this workout:

5. Cardio Runs: If you're traveling or stuck inside, you can perform quick runs in between strength exercises. Go wall to wall or use parking lot lines, whatever you can – get creative! Go until you feel like you've had enough, then try one more. Complete your runs for distance or time, then immediately dive into your squats, mountain climbers or tricep dips. Sometimes just getting your heart rate up is enough to improve your mood and satisfy that workout craving!

6. Stretch It Out: When it doubt, roll out the yoga mat or find a space on the carpet and stretch. Do whatever feels good. Try holding each stretch for at least 15 seconds and up to 2 minutes, using your breathing to get deeper. Check out Skinny Mom's Fitness Index of stretch moves here.