First Position Relevé

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Move Targets: Abductors/Thighs


Step 1: Standing tall with the chest lifted, shoulders dropped from the ears and pelvis tucked in toward the front, bring your feet into first position. Without bending your knees or hinging at the hips, keep your heels together and let the toes point out to the sides. This angle will depend on your flexibility.


Step 2: Roll onto the balls of your feet by using the calf muscles, inner thighs and glutes. You'll let the body rise up, then back down as you release the relevé. Nothing in the body bends or sways. Stay tight!


Top: Gaiam Petal Mesh Tank with Kyodan Black Mesh Sports Bra

Bottom: MissFit Activewear Cropped Performance Pants in Black

Barre provided by Vita Vibe.

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