Sweatfest Cardio Stair Workout [VIDEO]

| Fitness

Take your workout outside or use the staircase in your home for a refreshing and revitalizing sweat sesh! Not only are you training your cardio endurance, but your strength and agility skills too. Real Mom Model Holly leads you through an easy-to-follow circuit that can burn between 12 and 20 calories a minute! Make sure you're planting your entire foot on each step as you go. You'll be driving hard on the way up, and recovering with a brisk walk on the way down. Do this circuit up to three times for a real fat burner. Ready, set, sweat!

Your Workout

  • Run Up Steps; Walk Down
  • Run Every Other Step; Walk Down
  • Walking Lunges Up; Walk down
  • Lateral Stair Run Left; Walk Down
  • Lateral Stair Run Right; Walk Down
  • Stair Hops Up; Walk Down
  • Cool Down

Holly is wearing a Public Myth Cami Tank in Turquoise & Warrior Activewear Inked Capris.

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