Sleek and Slender Arms: 17 Moves

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Say goodbye to waving arm flab for good! Tone your arms with these 17 moves that will work the biceps, triceps, delts and shoulders. Some compound moves may even allow you to tighten other stubborn regions as you sculpt slim limbs.

1. Rolling Triceps Extension: Get those arms burning with this move that tones and strengthens your triceps. Choose heavier weights for a heightened challenge, but be sure to keep your form strong. See the move here!


2. Lateral Bicep Curls: These curls target your biceps and shoulders so you can proudly show off your guns! When doing this move, keep your upper arms in place and lift only your forearms. Get more tips to perform this exercise here.


3. Pyramid Pulse: Who says workouts can't be fun? Grab a squishy ball and challenge yourself to pulse your arms without dropping the ball or squeezing it too hard. Minimal movements are the key to a toned chest and biceps here. Click here to see detailed instructions.


4. Horizontal In and Outs: Work your delts, biceps and triceps with this powerful move! Choose your weights and reps to match your fitness level and once you've mastered it, kick things up a notch! Start practicing with this guide.


5. Skull Crushers: The name may sound scary, but this move will slim your arms by targeting your biceps and triceps. Just be sure to choose weights you're comfortable lifting over your pretty face! See how it's done here.

skull crusher

6. Bosu Pushup: Engage those abs while toning your biceps and triceps with this balanced pushup. You can also try your pushups with the bosu ball under your chest, gripping it with both hands. See that version here.

7. Pushup Row: Get to work with this challenging move that targets your arms and core. It may require some practice, but try this exercise for 60 seconds each day to see your strength progress and your arms get sleeker! Click here to check it out.


8. Resistance Band Curls: Tired of using weights? Break out the resistance bands for this bicep-sculpting move. Learn how to do it, then perform the exercise as many times as your can in 60 seconds!

resistance band curl

9. Weighted Arm Circles: It's a classic, but it works. Feel the burn as you use small, controlled movements to tone and tighten your arm muscles. Try powering through 30 seconds each direction after mastering the move here!

weighted arm circles

10. Front Raise: This simple move is more powerful than you may think. Complete 10 raises for one rep and try to get through three reps! Click here to get tips on proper form, then put those biceps and shoulders to work!

front raise

11. Cross Body Punches with Resistance Band: Grab your resistance band to shake up your normal arm-toning routine! This exercise sculpts your biceps and triceps as you pull for intense uppercut punches. Check it out here!


12. Reverse Fly: While working toward sexy arms, why not engage other parts of your body in a single move? Add this 60 second exercise to your total-body routine to see positive results across the board. Check it out here.

Reverse Fly

13. One Arm Kettlebell Floor Press: Make a kettlebell a must-have workout accessory! You'll work one arm at a time to tighten your triceps and chest, but make sure to give equal attention to both your arms. Get started by clicking here.


14. Kettlebell Around the World: Keep hold of that kettlebell to test your strength and coordination with this high-powered exercise. It pulls double duty by targeting your biceps and triceps, as well as your abs. Learn the move here! 

kettlebell around the world

15. Rotating Medicine Ball Pushup: Grab a medicine ball and get ready to see toned biceps, triceps and abs with this fun pushup variation. Roll the ball to switch hands after each pushup, but don't let it go too far! Try it here.

Rotating Medicine Ball Push Up_ALL skinnymom brooke griffin

16. Chaturanga Pushup: Stretch as you strengthen with this yoga-inspired move! It works your triceps, back and abs while opening up the body, making it a perfect addition to any workout. Get started here.

chaturanga dandasana

17. Resistance Band Tricep Extension: Use your strength against yourself in this move. Keep one arm steady as you hold the resistance band, then allow your other arm to extend toward the ceiling to work your biceps, triceps and shoulders; don't forget to switch sides! Get the details here.