Put Your Dumbbells to Work with These 23 Moves

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Are your dumbbells sitting in a corner collecting dust? It's time to wipe them off and put them to work! Whether you're working out at home or heading to the uncharted territory that is the weight section in the gym, these moves are a great way to use those dumbbells! If you're new to using hand weights, check out these tips before you get started.

1. Static Lunge with Dumbbells: Take your lunges to the next level with your dumbbells! You'll be giving your quads, hamstrings and glutes a workout. Watch the video below for instructions or click here.

2. Kneeling Russian Twists: you've probably done the classic ab move of a Russian Twist, but this move will work your core in a new way! If your old ab routine is getting stale, swap this move in! Click here to get details on the move.


3. Front Squat with Dumbbells: Make your squat more challenging with the addition of dumbbells! This move works your glutes and quads, giving you a toned lower body! Check it out here.


4. Tricep Pushback: Ready to rid yourself of arm flab? Working your triceps is a great way to do it! This move will have you working that hard-to-target area in no time! See it done here.


5. Kneeling Tricep Pushback: We took the Tricep Pushback and brought it to its knees, literally. By changing up the move, you can really include your core in the workout. Click here to check out the differences.


6. Fly with Bridge: Work your chest with this fly as you simultaneously get in a booty workout! This move is perfect for changing up a boring workout routine. Click here to get more instructions.


7. Side Plank with Arm Extension: We love a good plank variation to keep your workout fresh! This one is no exception. It works your chest, shoulders and core to give you a toned look. To see it done, click here.


8. Weighted Donkey Kick: We love to use donkey kicks to work our glutes and by adding the weight, you're adding a challenge! This is an awesome way to push yourself further and really tighten that tush. For more details, click here.


9. Push Press: This move is simple enough to master but a great addition to a workout routine! It works your whole body as you keep your core engaged and legs slightly bent in a small squat. Click here to read through the directions.

push press demo how to

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10. Side Lunge Row: This is a great way to work the whole body. From legs to arms, the side lunge row will have you working several muscle groups to tone and tighten the body. Watch the video below to learn the move or click here.

11. Standing Rear Delt Raises: Working your upper back can be a challenge, but not with this move! It hits your deltoids and triceps so it's a great way to get tank top ready! See it done here.


12. Sumo Squat with Bicep Curl: Get in a total-body workout with this squat! It's great on both the lower and upper body so you can fit it into any workout routine, at the gym or home! Click here to see it.


13. Overhead Tricep Extension on Stability Ball: A stability ball is a great way to change up your workout because it allows you to engage your core. With that and the tricep extension, you'll be working your whole body. See it done by clicking here.


14. Tricep Kickback: For a solid arm workout, consider this move. It targets your biceps and triceps so you can rock any tank, tee or dress! To learn how it's done, click here.

Tricep kickbacks all

15. Pushup Row: The dumbbell moves doesn't just work your arms! It's also great for toning your core, so as you preform this move, be sure to keep it tight and engaged. Get details on the move here.

row push up

16. Weighted Standing Side Crunch: This move uses dumbbells but isn't for toning your arms! It's meant for your obliques, those tricky muscles on the sides of your core. It's great for toning your midsection! Check it out.

Weighted Standing Side Crunch

17. Weighted Jumping Jack: Jumping jacks are a great way to get your heart rate up, but they may not challenge you! We've fixed that with a simple pair of dumbbells. Click here for more info.


18. V-Sit Incline Press: We've used dumbbells to create another total-body move. You'll definitely feel the burn in your core as you hold yourself up and balance while working your arms! Click here to read the proper technique.


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19. Bicep Curl: This is a standard move that anyone should know! It's perfect for toning your arms and is a staple in any strength routine. Click here to learn more or watch it below.

20. Pushup with Tricep Extension: This is an excellent exercise to tone your arms because it hits both your triceps and biceps. It's also a nice way to change up a standard pushup! See it done here.


21. Reverse Fly: This arm exercise can tone your chest in a unique way. If you want to ge rid of the annoying exta flab by your armpits, this is an excellent choice. Click here to see it.

Reverse Chest Fly

22. Stability Ball Chest Press: You may have seen something like this done on a bench, but by doing it on a stability ball, you can better engage your core! Get step-by-step instructions here.

chest fly stability ball

23. Weighted Point Plie Side Bend: This is a move you may not have tried out yet, but you ought to! It helps you to work your calves, core and shoulders so you can get an overall toned look. See the move done here.

weighted-plie-side>> Want more moves to tone your shoulders, calves and core? Check out this killer workout routine!