16 Space-Saving Exercises to Slim Down

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Young Woman Exercising

When you have very little room to get your sweat on, don't panic. You can still get an awesome workout in the middle of your hotel room, quaint living room or small free space in your kids' play room. There's also a bonus yoga flow at the end for you to try that only takes up the space of a mat!

Bodyweight training is one of the easiest ways to get a satisfying workout. It eliminates excuses, and many of the exercises can be performed while stationary. No need to jump or run or travel across the room!

1. Glute Bridge Leg March: For a real booty burner, take your bridge to the next level. Make sure you're squeezing the glutes together and driving through the heels as you lift. Your lower abs will be forced to work here, too. Try eight to 10 reps, lower to rest and repeat for three sets. Get more details on the exercise here.


2. Plank Lunge and Jump: Take the opportunity to plank whenever you can. It's the most effective core exercise available, especially when you add in the legs. Keeping your hands on the inside of the lunge, stretch the leg to front without popping up your hips. Jump both feet into the squat, but don't release the hands from the floor! Get back into that plank, girlfriend. Check it out here.


3. Seated Hip Abduction: This exercise might appear deceiving with its simplicity, but it's a real challenge with increasing reps! You can sit tall with your hands on your thighs or supporting you from behind (as shown). Flex the foot and swing it out to the side and back to target the hip flexors, abductors/adductors and core. You never want to feel this in your lower back, so limit your range of motion and stay in control, captain! Learn more about it here.


4. Kneeling Clamshells: One of the go-to exercises here at Skinny Mom, the clamshell is a great move to tone the thighs and waist. Prop yourself up on your elbow and bend the knees as you stack the legs one over the other. Stabilize through the bottom oblique and open and close the top leg. Follow along for 60 seconds in the video below or bookmark the page here.

5. C-Crunches: Release the hands from your head and stretch them forward for a more effective way to crunch. You literally try to crunch your torso into a "C" shape like Real Mom Model Holly shows below. Lift the shoulder blades off the floor and keep the naval pulled into the spine at all times. The head never rests and the lower back never peels off the mat. C-ya later, belly fat! Get more details on the crunch here.


6. Triceps Pushup: It's a classic exercise that is often performed inaccurately, so let's break it down: hands go directly under your shoulders, feet are together and the hips are in line with the spine and thighs; lower the body with your elbows squeezing your rib cage (you might not be able to go as low as you think!), using your core and triceps to push yourself back up to the plank position. Drop to your knees with your feet on the floor to modify. This is a mega ab exercise, too! Feel free to click for more details here.


7. Pushup With Hand Raise: Who doesn't like a little balance challenge? Get into your pushup position, feet a little wider than usual (no wider than the mat) and drop the body into the pushup. As you come up, lift one arm. The trick is not to spill over to one side – stay square! Try to get as many in as possible in 30 seconds, break for 10 and go for it again! Drop to your knees when your form starts to suffer. Get more inspiration here.

Push Up with Hand Raise ALL brooke griffin skinny mom

Resistance training with equipment like dumbbells or kettlebells is quite effective in small spaces, and neither take up that much space to store! Pick up a resistance band for a couple bucks, too, to boost your strength-training workout. Pull them out and get to work.

8. Romanian Deadlift – Want to work the back of your legs and butt? Pick up those dumbbells and get started! Keep your feet close together, under the hips. As you lower, push your butt behind your heels and keep a flat back. Notice how Real Mom Model Holly keeps the weights against her legs; keep your friends close and your dumbbells closer for true resistance without risk. Find out more about how to master this move here.

Romanian Deadlift

9. Seated Strict Press: No chair? No problem. Try these seated on the ground with your legs out in front of you. Keep the palms facing each other as you use only the strength of the shoulders to push them up and bring them back down with control. Pull the belly button into the spine so you're not using the lower back to help you push. Learn more about the setup here.


10. Lying Chest Fly: No bench needed here; you'll still have plenty of resistance. Keep the elbows soft as you open out to the sides. Only go low enough to feel the tension in the chest and lats without touching the elbows to the ground. Your back stays on the back. Get more of a breakdown here.


11. Kettlebell Figure 8: When you squat down for the figure 8 move, you'll feel it in your butt and legs. Keep the chest lifted and back flat or arched to really focus in on those leg muscles. Drawing an "8" with the kettlebell is just a nice distraction to a butt-transforming moment. See more about it here.

KB Figure 8 Grouped

12. Goblet Squat: When you squat, you have to keep the weight in the heels and the back body. Put a weight in the front, and things get challenging! Keep your chest lifted and drive through the heels. Go ahead and try it out for 60 seconds right now or click here to learn more.

13. Band Pull Aparts: If you're not into pushups or you're looking for a great upper-body warm up, this is it. Grab a band and hold it front of you with neither tension nor slack. Stretch it out as the hands move out and back, squeezing the shoulder blades together. Your arms and chest will feel it! Bookmark it here for later!


14. Squat Step with Resistance Band: Get low, girl. Wrap the band around your legs above the ankles and drop into at least a half squat. Without standing up, step the feet out, moving left the right. This works the butt and thighs. See more here.

skinny mom squat step with resistance band

15. Rolling Calf Raise with Resistance Band: Pump up those calf raises with a little resistance. Step on the band under the balls of your feet and hold the handles just above your shoulders. Roll through to lift and backward to release. See it here.


16. Squat and Press with Resistance Band: You can use weights or a band to work the upper body here. Step onto the band so it lays under your arches. Squat down with the knees behind your toes and push yourself up first, then push your arms overhead. Exhale on the lift. Try 12 reps for three sets and learn more about it here.


Yoga poses and flows can be completed within the space of your yoga mat. Unroll it and commit to feel-good sequence to reset your mind and strengthen your body. Follow Real Mom Model and certified yoga instructor, Jean Sherfick, through this 15-minute flat belly flow: