14 Fiber-Filled Fruity Smoothies

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Fiber has so many benefits. According to MayoClinic, it helps your digestive system, controls your blood sugar levels, helps with maintaining a healthy weight and it lowers cholesterol levels. When you walk into a grocery market, you see bars you can eat for your daily fiber intake, but you can actually get your source of fiber from delicious smoothies as well! If you're a smoothie lover, you will love some of these fiber-filled fruity smoothies.

1. Strawberry Pineapple Protein Smoothie: This is a great smoothie option for the times you are dreaming of being on a beach sipping this yummy smoothie. It's stuffed with strawberries and the pineapple will make you feel like you are on vacation. Fiber: 7 grams. Click here for the Skinny Mom recipe.

2. Cherry Berry Ginger Smoothie: This smoothie is great after a hard-hitting workout. It has strawberries, kale and a good a source of vitamin C. If your workout causes your muscles to hurt, no worries, the cherries in this smoothie fight muscle damage. Not to mention, it's pretty to look at. The best part is that it contains 7.3 grams of fiber. (via Pop Sugar)

Cherry Berry Ginger Smoothie
(Photo: Pop Sugar)

3. Mojito (Non-Alcoholic): A smoothie that is made with bananas, baby spinach, and a small lime sounds like a disaster, but it's actually a match made in smoothie heaven. Plus, this lovely combination contains 7.7 grams of fiber! This smoothie is high in vitamin B and you will for sure get your potassium intake for the day if you decide to drink this. (via Pop Sugar)

spinanch mojito
(Photo: Pop Sugar)

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4. Skinny Banana Pumpkin Spice Smoothie: This is a Skinny Mom favorite. It's the perfect smoothie for when you want to stay at home and relax. The smooth pumpkin and banana will have you wanting more. The good thing about is that once you taste it, you will think you are having a desert without the guilt. It has 7 grams of fiber in it. Find out how to make this Skinny Mom smoothie, click here.

banana pumpkin spice smoothie

5. Apple Pie Smoothie: Never in your wildest dream would you have thought that there was an apple pie smoothie out there floating in the food world. Well, you're in luck! Drinking this smoothie is like stuffing an apple pie into a glass. It's full of protein and it's pretty awesome to look at as well. Since it contains 10.2 grams of fiber, this smoothie helps you maintain a healthy weight. You can drink this at home or on the go! (via Slender Kitchen)

apple pie smoothie
(Photo: Slender Kitchen)

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6. Creamy Red Velvet Smoothie: If you are a fan of red velvet cake, you'll love this smoothie. It contains walnuts, banana slices and raspberries. It's light on the stomach but will have you feeling full all day long. Not to mention, it has 13.1 grams of fiber in it so your fiber intake will be satisfied for the day. (via The Blonde Vegan)

red velvet smoothie
(Photo: The Blonde Vegan)

7. Pear Berry Weight-Loss Smoothie: Berries, pears, avocado, flaxmeal and greens are great to get your fiber from. Guess what? They are all in this yummy smoothie. This smoothie is ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It is also great after going to the gym. Fiber: 19 grams. (via Pop Sugar)

weight loss smoothie
(Photo: Pop Sugar)

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8. Fountain of Youth Smoothie: Want to feel younger and full for the day? This smoothie is for you because it has a combination of kiwi, avocado, honeydew melon and spinach. It's good to drink this for breakfast or after a workout. Fiber: 6 grams. (via Skinny Ms.)

green smoothie
(Photo: Skinny Ms)

9. Raspberry Bomb: It's hard to believe that this is a smoothie; it sounds like drink you would order at the bar. This smoothie is filled with chia seeds, tofu and, of course, raspberries. It's pretty and pink and you will have fun drinking this as well. Fiber: 11.5 grams. (via Prevention)

pink smoothie
(Photo: Prevention)

10. Clear Skin Smoothie: This is a two-in-one deal because it helps with acne and it's high in fiber. It contains raw spinach, red grapes, strawberries and almond butter. You can have this smoothie at any time of the day. Fiber: 7.9 grams. Drink up! (via Pop Sugar)

green smoothie
(Photo: Pop Sugar)

11. Skinny Creamsicle Smoothie: This cantaloupe and orange-filled smoothie will have you smiling for days. This is perfect for the beach, but it's also great for a nice day outside and has 5 grams of fiber. Click here for the Skinny Mom recipe.

orange creamsicle smoothie

12. Mango Kiwi Smoothie: For people who like sweet beverages, you're in luck! This smoothie is filled with kidney beans, walnuts, spinach, blueberries and much more. If you want your daily fiber intake, this is for you. It has 11.7 grams of fiber. (via Pop Sugar)

(Photo: Pop Sugar)

13. Creamy Fig Smoothie: This is filled with figs and coconut milk. It will feel like you're eating a treat, but without the guilt! It's creamy to the touch and you will fall in love once you drink it. The creamy fig smoothie has 8 grams of fiber in it. (via Real Healthy Recipes)

creamy fig smoothie
(Photo: Real Healthy Recipes)

14. Blackberry Banana Smoothie: This is filled with chia seeds, blackberries and bananas and would be perfect to drink during a relaxing afternoon at home. It would also be good to drink this in the morning to start your day off right! It's creamy, but has a nice texture because of the chia seeds. Click here for this Skinny Mom recipe.

skinny blackberry banana smoothie

Try any of these smoothies to get your daily fiber!