Show Some Leg: Exercises To Do At Home For Your Lower Body

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Getting to the gym isn't always practical, but the gym has resources that your living room does not, especially if you're looking to target your legs. If you're not in the mood for the latest workout DVDs, we have tons of moves you can do in the privacy of your own home, little to no equipment necessary!

1. Reverse Lunge: You've been rocking the lunge around the living room all year, but push backwards into reverse for extra results! Click here to learn the details or watch the video below. Take that lunge up a notch with an intensified version! Learn more by clicking here.

2. Donkey Kick Planks: Planks are great for an overall workout. They work upper and lower body as well as core. Try this fun version to work those legs! Click here for more information.

donkey kick plank

3. Booty Lift Plank: Tighten your tush and get lean legs with this plank variation. Get details on this move here.

booty lift plank

4. Standing Kickbacks: There are a lot of trouble spots on legs, and if yours is the back of your thighs, you'll love this move. Get more information here.

5. Tip Toe Squat: Squats are great for buns and thighs, so this variation is perfect for toning and trying something a little new! Learn how to preform this move here.

Tip Toe Squats

6. Knee Strikes: Not only is this move going to help you tone your legs, it'll dip into the day's cardio needs as well! Click here for move details.

skinny mom knee strikes exercise

7. Fire Hydrant: Legs are tough to target, and thighs can be even worse. This move will help to slim down your thighs while also engaging your abs! Get more info here.

8. Plié Squat into Side Kick: Squats will help to target your legs, but this powerful move brings a little more to the table! Learn how to preform this move here.



Who says you need a gym for knockout thighs? With these simple but effective moves, you'll be showing some leg in no time!

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