Talking New Year's Resolutions

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This year, you’re vowing to make a change on January 1 and stick with it. But what do you really want to resolve to do this year? Before you set a far-fetched goal or abandon your wishes before you even start, read this list of women’s top 5 healthy New Year’s resolutions.

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Take these general resolutions and actually achieve them by breaking things down into simple, attainable goals. Reevaluate your goals each month and, if they are met, take them a step further. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, start again in the new month.

1. Lose weight: Easier said than done, right? Start by deciding on your weekly/monthly weight loss goals, but don’t stop there! Losing weight in the New Year requires a balance of food and fitness, so make a list of specific changes you’ll make to get there. Use these easy tips to lose one pound a week, eat fat-burning foods or learn from others' weight loss journeys. If you’d like to jumpstart making these healthy choices simultaneously, join the 21-Day Shred! It’ll teach you invaluable skills for recognizing fueling foods, proper portions and fitness routines.

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2. Eat healthy: Make this resolution more concrete in order to succeed. Think about your biggest struggle when it comes to food — are you a chocaholic or does the bread basket lure you in? Begin by cutting out your worst habit, then focus on bettering your diet. Vow to eat the rainbow, drink a gallon of water each day (in an adorable bottle, of course) or prep your meals on Power Planning Sundays. You can also stick with eating lightened-up dinners by using the Supper Club as your nightly menu.

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3. Exercise more: Get fit this year by setting active goals for yourself. Pencil in 30 minutes per day for a walk, a couple of at-home workout videos or a new group fitness class. Strap on a fitness tracker and log 10,000 steps by the time your head hits the pillow each night. If you are a competitive person, connect with fit friends and see who can get the most steps in each week! And don’t forget to reward yourself for continued progress with a new piece of fitness clothing or equipment to keep you motivated!


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4. Relax: It’d be great to stress less in the New Year; make it happen by actively doing tasks that help you slow down, reflect and find balance in your life. Attend a weekly yoga session or meditative practice. Each night, count your blessings or collect your positive thoughts by writing them in a journal. Finally, put down your phone and be present for those around you — you’ll be surprised by how calming that can feel.

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5. Learn something new: Being a graduate doesn’t ever mean you should stop learning. Commit to continuous learning by reading about a subject that interests you 20 minutes each day — or even better — reading up on something you know nothing about! Master a skill you’ve been admiring, like learning a new language, knitting or organizing the house! If you’d like to share your own knowledge of a subject and learn from other people, join a club or class (even online) or start your own!


If you’d like to spend the year transforming into a smarter, fitter, better version of yourself, don’t try to make too many changes at once. Instead, follow this guide for 12 months to a better you. Make one change each month and see real results this time next year!