January Challenge: Healthy Life Resolutions

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healthy life resolutions challenge

Every year you have the same mentality: “New year, new me!” or, “This year’s gonna be different!” But how many days do you stick with those positive thoughts and turn them into actions?

Most people let their resolutions go for one of three reasons.

  1. They go it alone.
  2. The resolutions are too big or broad.
  3. They give up too easily.

Sound familiar? No worries; we’re here to make sure you (finally!) implement healthy habits in 2016.

Join us throughout January for our Healthy Life Resolution Challenge! First, decide what you’d like to resolve to do, then post a photo to Instagram each day showing how you’re keeping up with it. Be sure to tag #SkinnyMomResolutions, @skinnymom and @brookejgriffin so we can check out (and maybe even repost!) your photos.

Your resolution can reflect anything you want to improve in 2016. Think about what you’d like to accomplish this year and create a healthy resolution around it. If you aren’t sure what your resolution should be, commit to an all-around jumpstart on a healthy life by following Skinny Mom’s 21-Day Shred, starting January 4th! Click here to check out the Shred. If you’re already participating in the Shred, just add the hashtag #SkinnyMomResolutions to your Shred posts to stay connected.

21-day shred

This challenge will provide both the accountability and support you need to continue reaching your healthy goals each day. It also lets you choose what you’d like to accomplish while still following along with other fellow challengers!

Share the tools and tricks you’re using to keep up with your healthy resolutions by snapping photos of these ideas below or by coming up with your own! Browse #SkinnyMomResolutions to get inspired by other challengers’ photos.

And what keeps you on track better than a giveaway? For every post you share in January using #SkinnyMomResolutions showing us your new healthy habits, you’ll be entered to win a prize pack featuring some of our favorite brands to help you continue living well.

Want to see what Skinny Mom HQ is doing to keep up with our resolutions in 2016? Follow us on Snapchat (username: skinnymom.com) and we’ll share behind-the-scenes looks at our healthy lives.