Get Inspired: Real Moms Share Their Extraordinary Weight Loss Journeys

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Losing weight is no easy task. It takes dedication and hard work... not to mention sweat. If you ever feel like giving up, let these women provide inspiration. Let the obstacles they all overcame help build your healthier, happier life.

1. Mother overcomes obesity and inspires a fit family: Mother of two, 30-year-old Ashley Sim of Cleveland, Ohio is still working on her weight loss. In the last 20 months, she’s moved the scale from 416 pounds to a current 225 pounds. Standing much taller now in her 5’10” stature, she still aims to lose another 40 pounds. Read Ashley's full story here.


2. Burning fat and sculpting shape: Weight loss can be a tricky thing to achieve because your body might respond differently to a method that worked seamlessly for someone else. But once you lose the weight, the tricky part becomes maintenance. In 2003, Shyrita Billups of Gordo, Alabama began her first weight loss journey after she hit 184 pounds in her 5’5″ frame. She committed to dropping her weight, 49 pounds down to 135. But it came back. Find out how Shyrita lost, gained and lost weight again!

weight loss journey shyrita

3. Dropping postpartum weight: Sam Wimmer, who just turned 28, admittedly indulged herself during her pregnancy. The weight gain nearly triggered the onset of gestational diabetes, so Sam had to quickly change her diet to protect the health of herself and her son. Read how she did it by clicking here.


4. Losing a lifetime of weight gain in 13 months: Weight began to creep up on Erica when she got into a steady relationship. By the time her son was two years old, she had gained another 70 pounds and was too tired to keep up with her toddler. Read about her amazing lifestyle transformation.


5. Shedding almost 200 pounds after 40: The simple pleasures most people take for granted, like driving, sitting in a booth at a restaurant or simply going for a walk, were all things mother of one, Kelly Smith, couldn’t do. For years, she basically took a back seat to her life and allowed her weight to direct. Then one day, she was so fed up with being too tired and being so unable. So, she took her first step to knocking off the pounds. How did Kelly make such a huge change? Find out here.


6. Cutting excuses and shedding 100 pounds: Growing up, Sarah Eldridge didn’t have a good example of how food should be consumed or what was good versus bad for the body. Food was food and it became such an important part of her daily life as she packed on the pounds. In 2012, she weighed 250 pounds in her petite 5’5″ stature. Read how Sarah combatted a lifetime of bad habits.

Sarah Weight Loss Story

7. Combatting a sedentary life: After becoming a mother, Emily's move and job change had her living a sedentary lifestyle. She gained weight quickly and knew she had to make a change to a healthier life. Click here to see how Emily moved her life back onto the right track.

my weight loss journey emily allen

8. Losing 30+ pounds with meditation: After losing her father at a young age, Sarah turned to food to console herself. After years of unhealthy eating, Sarah found a different method of dealing with her issues that allowed her to turn her life around. Read about Sarah's journey here.


9. Battling illness and becoming healthy: Juggling three kids, a job, schoolwork and a household is a challenge for any woman, but Amy McKenzie isn’t just any woman. The 36-year-old out of Reading, Ohio, ignited her weight loss journey while she was in a damp, dark corner of depression. Amy lives with fibromyalgia, arthritis, Hashimoto’s disease and gout. How did Amy overcome illness to lead a healthier life? Find out here.

my weight loss journey amy mckenzie

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