36 Simple Things to Do in 2016 to Help You Lose Weight

| Weight Loss

Weight loss doesn't happen overnight. It'll take hard work and commitment. When you change your eating habits and get a bit more active, you'll start to see results. However, hitting the gym every day just isn't an option for many people, so here are 36 small things you can do to help yourself get more active and stay healthy.

1. Start drinking smoothies. You can have a tasty, healthy and filling smoothie for breakfast. It's a great way to get nutrients and to stay full until lunch. Try out this delicious Pink Power Smoothie!

2. Start packing your lunch. You'll save a lot of calories and money by making your own lunch instead of eating out.

3. Snack on fruits and veggies.

4. Listen to music while you get ready and dance along! It'll be a lot more fun and you'll burn some extra calories.

5. Eat more salads.

6. Start taking the stairs. If you take a few extra flights of stairs, you're burning extra calories. If your office is on the 11th floor and that's asking a bit too much, walk up to the 5th floor and take the elevator the rest of the way.

take the stairs

7. Put down your fork between every bite of food. That gives your brain a little more time to catch up with your filling stomach and helps to prevent over-eating.

8. Don't eat until you're hungry. It sounds obvious, but there are many times that we'll be convinced of our hunger just because we're bored. Wait until your stomach is actually rumbling before you dive into lunch.

9. Walk around anytime you're on the phone. Whether it's a work call or personal, walk around while you talk to burn mindless calories.

10. Try out a new group fitness class. You can find great deals online (like Groupon®) to try out something new!


11. Drop some squats while you wait for the microwave to beep.

12. Lift weights while you watch TV. If you're sitting watching the news, grab some light dumbbells and do bicep curls.

13. Get more fiber in your diet.

14. Do lunges while moving around your house instead of normal walking.


15. Set realistic goals for yourself.

16. Sit up straight. Good posture allows your abs to work while relieving a lot of tension in your spine.

17. Work out in the morning. You'll be tired after a long day and won't want to hit the gym. Do it early so you can feel good all day.

18. Do dishes by hand. Yes it takes a little longer, but you'll burn calories as you scrub.

19. Add more veggies to meals. You can eat twice as much of an omelet or a stir fry if it's made of mostly veggies!

20. Play hide seek throughout your whole house. Your kids love this game, and by not limiting it to one floor, you'll have to walk more and take steps!

21. Switch to non-fat milk.


22. Add spicy foods into your diet to help speed your metabolism.

23. Be cautious of coffee. Those fancy coffee drinks really pack in the calories. Instead, order just a plain cup of joe and use non-fat milk.

24. Get enough sleep. Getting the proper amount of sleep is very important to your body's health. Learn more here.

25. Watch TV on the floor so you can stretch while you watch.

26. Work out during commercial breaks. Design your own routine or try our Couch Potato Workout!

27. Don't reward yourself with food. Try these instead.

28. Do calf raises while you brush your teeth.

woman-calf-presses copy

29. Use lettuce to make a wrap. Ditch the tortilla and wrap up your lunch in lettuce!

30. Use your friends. Girlfriends, husband, family, whatever. Let the people you love most support and encourage you. You may even be helping them lead a healthier lifestyle!

31. Keep a journal. For both eating and fitness, tracking your progress is a great way to hold yourself accountable and stay on a healthy path.

32. Try working out from home.

33. Don't dress your salad. Instead, keep your dressing on the side. Dip your fork into the dressing then stab your greens for a healthier ratio of salad to dressing.

34. Don't drink your calories. We all know soda (and diet soda) is terrible for you. But you should also be skipping fruit juices. Just eat the fruit instead and drink water!

35. Put your dinner away. Once you're finished cooking, serve up dinner and immediately put it into plastic containers before eating. That way you'll be less tempted to eat seconds when you don't need them.

36. Push yourself. Doing what you've always done isn't going to cut it. Use the new year as motivation to work harder than you ever have before.