50 Weight Loss Tips for 2016

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Ready to lose some weight this year? It's not an easy task, but with hard work and dedication, you can do it! The best way to shed pounds is to eat right and keep your body moving. While you may not be able to hit the gym every day, there are a lot of things you can do to stay healthy. In fact, here are 50:

1. Commit to a healthier life. You won't lose weight until you really commit to changing your lifestyle. Decide what you want and go for it.

2. Set real goals. Choosing a resolution of "lose 50 pounds" isn't going to make it happen. Try something more realistic, like going to the gym three to four times a week. If you pick a goal that is realistic and measurable, you'll have a lot more success.

3. Reward yourself. If you're staying on track, then you should treat yourself. However, you are not a dog and therefore shouldn't be rewarded with food. Here are some great ways to treat yourself.

4. Consider a personal trainer. They can really help you meet goals, especially if fitness is something new for you.

personal trainer

5. Make a gym schedule. Treat your workouts like a appointments that cannot be skipped. Make sure your partner knows this so you can better plan your kids' schedules, dinner plans and errands.

6. Toss out the junk in your pantry. If it's in your house, you will eat it. Get rid of potato chips, unhealthy crackers and all the candy you see. It isn't healthy for you or anyone in your family. There are tons of healthy snacks to stock your pantry with that the whole family can enjoy.

7. Find what motivates you. If you don't have good inspiration, then it may be hard to stick to your goals. Read these women's weight loss stories to help find your motivation.

8. Use skinny swaps. There are a lot of healthy ingredients you can use in place of their unhealthy counterparts. It's a great way to save yourself fat, carbs and/or calories! Check out some of our favorite swaps here.

9. Track what you eat. There are a lot of great apps that help you to see just how much you consume in a day. Find one that works for you and get going. If you don't like that idea, just write it down in a journal or the note application in your cell phone.

10. Add fruit to your water. Not only does it give water a flavor boost, but some added nutrients as well! Lemon in your water is a great way to boost metabolism! Here are some awesome detox water ideas.

11. Start eating superfoods. There are some foods that are seriously healthy for you. If you can incorperate them into your daily meals, your body will thank you. Learn more about superfoods here.

fresh blueberries

12. Eat more fiber. Fiber is essential to weight loss. It helps speed up your metabolism and keeps your body from absorbing sugar. Read more about fiber by clicking here.

13. Get a pedometer. Whether it's a fancy fitness tracker or a simple clip-on pedometer, using a pedometer is a great way to hold yourself accountable for getting up and moving.

14. Start planning your meals. It's a great way to plan out healthy meals for the family. Once you put in the time planning your week, the rest will come easy!

15. Walk more. Walk to the mailbox instead of getting it from your car. Walk to nearby shops. Walk your dog to the park. Walk just to walk! If things aren't in walking distance from your home, try biking.


16. Park further away. It's easier to find a parking space in the back of the lot and the extra 100 yards may mean a few extra calories burned!

17. Eat more protein. Protein can be found in meats, fish, nuts, eggs, soy and more. It's a great way to help you build muscle, plus it keeps you fuller longer. A protein-filled breakfast (like eggs or a protein smoothie) is a great way to avoid a mid-morning snack.

18. Keep healthy snacks around you. Keep a small, healthy snack in your car if you have a hard time staying away from the drive-thru. If you work in an office, a bowl of fresh fruit on your desk gives you a healthy snack and a good reminder of your goals.

19. Prep meals in advance. Take Sunday to pack your healthy snacks for the week into baggies. You can even make meals and freeze them for your busy nights. That way you'll have a guaranteed healthy week ahead of you.

20. Drink smoothies for breakfast. They are filled with tons of healthy ingredients and taste great! It's a win-win. Click here to see our healthy smoothie recipes, and check out our Skinny Tropical Protein Smoothie below:

21. Don't eat out. Pack your lunches and plan your meals. Dinning out is a waste of calories and money. If packing lunches is difficult for you, focus on prepping large dinner meals so you can reheat leftovers.


22. Trade in your potato chips. Don't eat greasy chips when you could have healthy ones! These kale chips have the crunch you need when your body craves a snack with the added bonus of veggie intake! Get the recipe here or watch the video below.

23. Don't confuse thirst and hunger. If your body is thirsty, it will often present itself as hunger. Think carefully about your water intake for the day and decide what your body really needs.

24. Shop smart. When you hit the grocery, have a detailed list of only the things you need. Make sure it has all the ingredients for this week's healthy meals and try not to stray. A smart way to shop healthy is to only shop around the perimeter of the stores, because that's where all the fresh and healthy foods are.

25. Do a little exercise every day. You may not have time for a full workout, but you have time do to 10 squats! Do a few lunges before bed or a couple jumping jacks to wake yourself up. Anything helps.

Weighted Walking Lunges Picture

26. Don't drink your calories. Sodas, juices and the like are just a waste of your calories in most cases. Water is what your body needs, so stick with that. Plus, diet soda is REALLY bad for you too. Read more here.

27. Don't over-eat. There are several ways to keep yourself from over-eating. Firstly, if you're snacking on something, portion out just a small bit and put the rest away. At dinner, serve the family and immediately put the leftovers away. You'll be less tempted for an unneeded second serving if you have to get it back out.

28. Pack your lunch. There's a good chance you're packing lunch for the kids, so do yours as well. It's both healthier and cheaper than eating out and will help you with portion control. No microwaves at work? We've got no-heat lunches for you!

29. Make evening walks a tradition. Spend time with your family by taking walks together. Have the kids help you do the after-dinner cleanup and then take a walk around the block.

30. Start jogging. You don't have to go fast and you don't have to go far, but running is a great way to stay in shape. It's free, you can do it on your own time and it's effective. Win-win-win.

31. Invest in some equipment. Buy yourself some nice dumbbells, a stability ball and other small home-gym essentials like a resistance band. It's much easier to get in a good workout at home when you have these.

dumbbells pink

32. Don't let a busy schedule stop you. No time for the gym? We have a ton of home workouts you can do the require no equipment!

33. Make small swaps. Use non-fat milk in your coffee, start using Greek yogurt in your cooking and switch to lean meats. Small swaps help to make big changes.

34. Sit on a stability ball. Use one in front of the TV, at your desk or any other spot where you stay stationary. It's a great way to keep your abs engaged, helping you to build core muscle.

35. Swap your regular potatoes with sweet potatoes. They tastes great and have a lot of vitamins and nutrients with less carbs. Try this tasty Pulled Pork Stuffed Sweet Potato for dinner.

pulled pork stuffed sweet potatoes

36. Sneak more veggies into your meals. You can cut up small pieces of spinach and kale to add to pastas, casseroles and smoothies! Use either instead of lettuce on a sandwich and pick carrots as a snack. Here are 50 different recipes that you can sneak vegetables into.

37. Try working out when you wake up. Even if your mornings don't allow for a full workout, this quick morning routine can be easily done before you hop in the shower! You'll love starting your day off right. Watch the workout below!

38. Swap a meal out for a salad. It's a simple way to save on calories. Just throw together some leafy greens (we recommend spinach) and toss in your favorite salad toppings. Leafy greens can keep you full and it's way healthier for you than most lunch options. Check out these healthier salad dressings!

39. Drink more water. Water is vital for our bodies to function properly. Staying hydrated is also a good way to keep yourself from snacking and over eating at meals. Try keeping a reusable water bottle with you at all times. You'll drink a lot more if it's in front of you.

40. Try doing wall sits when you're waiting around for something. Do it during a long phone call, microwave reheat or just about anything else. Make sure you're doing them properly, however!

41. Try group fitness classes. A great way to enjoy your workout is group fitness. From Pilates to Zumba, there are so many options out there. It's comforting not to be the only one in the room and you'll like having an instructor there to guide you.


42. Use lettuce to make a wrap. Sandwiches are great, but you can cut carbs by using lettuce as a wrap instead of tortilla or bread! Check out our Skinny Tilapia Lettuce Wraps for inspiration.

43. Play active family games. Use your Wii, play tag or a lively game of charades to get yourself and your kids moving. Teaching them to be active young will help them throughout their lives.

44. Do lunges throughout your house. Need to grab something from the living room? Instead of walking there, do lunges! It's a great way to tone your lower body.

45. Make your own soup. Most canned soups are filled with sodium and other unhealthy additives. Instead, make a really healthy soup in your slow cooker. It's a great dinner for the family and will be a good lunch for the rest of the week. Check out our recipe index for ideas and watch to learn how to make Weight Loss Soup below:

46. Serve in smaller portions. Oftentimes, you eat whatever is in front of you without thinking. When you dish up dinner, start with smaller portion sizes. Once you're finished, you can go back for seconds if you need it.

47. Take advantage of commercial breaks. Use commercial breaks to work out. Try and do a new move for the full length of every commercial or use our Couch Potato Workout!

48. Get your family involved. Teach your kids to do some workouts with you! We love this Mommy Daughter workout that you can do with your older children. Click here for the workout details and watch the video below.

49. Try eating in smaller portions. Many people find that eating several small meals instead of three large one helps them lose weight. It keeps you from needing  unhealthy snacks!

50. Sit up straight. Quit slouching! It causes your body to release the hormone cortisol that causes stress — and weight gain. Getting your posture back on track will work your abs, and your back and neck will thank you too.