The Best At-Home Bikini Body Workout

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The best way to shred your tummy fat is to mix cardio with strength training, so this workout is full of ab moves and spurts of high intensity cardio intervals! For 21 minutes, you have to commit yourself to this workout. We will hit all those trouble areas so you'll feel confident in your bikini — that's right, you can work a two-piece suit.

woman in yellow bikini on beach

You will need a set of dumbbells and a chair for this workout. Do each move for one minute and repeat sequence three times.

1. Side Lunge Row: This move targets total body to help you see results fast. If you're a beginner, ditch the dumbbells for the first round and try to pick them up for the second! Click here to see details on this move or follow the video below.

2. High Knees: Get your heart pumping with one minute of high knees. Stay light on your feet by keeping your heels up and maintaining a slight bend in the knees during this exercise. If you have weaker knees, stay at a steady march and focus on driving your knees up to your chest one at a time rather than focusing on speed. Click here to see this move!

high knees

3. Side to Side Pushup: Step up your normal pushup sequence with this more intense traveling version! You'll give your triceps an extra workout by performing pushups in a wide stance. Be sure to keep your abs continually engaged. Check out the move here!

traveling push up picture

4. Lunge to Single Leg Deadlift: This move targets your glutes and hamstrings, but your arms will feel the burn in this combo, too. Keep your abs engaged and your spine straight to maintain balance during this exercise! Need details? Click here to see the move!

lunge to single leg deadlift

5. Plank with Twist on a Chair: Melt that muffin top and sculpt sexy legs in a single move by performing this chair combo. Focus on form in this exercise to acheive maximum results. Click here to be sure you're doing it correctly!

plank twist on chair

6. Side Crunches: Melt away those hard-to-hit love handles to reveal sculpted obliques. These crunches will have your muscles burning as you rock 30 seconds on each side! Click here to get details on this crunch variation.


7. Weighted Jumping Jacks: Intensify this cardio move by adding lightweight dumbbells to the mix. Keep your wrists in line with your arms as you lift them each time you jump out. You'll melt away that unwanted fat in no time! Click here to get more details on this exercise.