Top 25 Fitness Stories of 2015

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The year went quick and we hope you didn't miss a thing! But just in case, here are Skinny Mom's top 25 fitness stories of 2015.

1. 17 Free Weight Exercises for Toned Arms: Grab your dumbbells and get ready for a workout that'll have your arms looking like sculpted works of art. Learn all the moves you'll need to know to get a toned upper body, including the concentration curl on stability ball shown below. Click here to check out all the moves!

strong arms

2. 9 Moves to Shrink Your Muffin Top: Want to shrink that muffin top and reveal a thinner, toned waist and core? Start with these 9 powerful moves. This workout even includes a printable card so you can rock through this session at the gym! Click here to be taken to the story.

3. 14 Moves for the Perfect Bubble Butt: Build the perfect booty with the help of these 14 moves. You'll only need dumbbells and a body bar (if you have one) to follow along with this intense workout. To see the moves and printable workout card, click here!

4. 13 Moves to Banish Bra Bulge: If you've got a little excess around your bra in the back, we've got the secret to help you! These 13 moves are the best at combating that bra bulge you despise. You'll be rocking your favorite strapless dress with confidence! See the moves here.

standing rear delt raise

5. 5 Yoga Moves to Practice Daily: Find your center in 2016 by adopting these 5 yoga poses as a daily habit. They're quick to perform and will give you the extra energy and flexibility to complete each day with a pep in your step! Click here to get started.

6. 20 Hot Moves for Sexy Thighs: Want sexy, sculpted thighs? Who doesn't? Incorporating these 20 Skinny Mom readers' favorite moves into your workout will produce fabulous results for your lower body. Get the moves here!

7. 2 Weeks to an ABSolutely Amazing Core: You can tighten your tummy in three simple phases after reading this popular post! It combines detox, food and fitness for the ultimate ab-sculpting plan. Check it out here!


8. Bye Bye Saddlebags Routine: If you've got more than you ordered in the thigh department, return it with this saddlebag-shaving routine. These 9 moves will shape tighter, leaner thighs and you'll be stronger than ever, too! Get started here.

9. Weigh Less By Next Week: Want to see that number on the scale fall every week? This workout plan filled with total body toners can help you achieve the results you want. Click here to be taken to the story!

10. Give Your Boobs a Boost: You can't grow your girls by working out, but you can strengthen the muscles underneath the tissue and lift your chest! Follow this popular workout to perk up. Get started here!

11. Thunder Thighs No More: 58 Must-Try Toning Moves: With so many thigh-sculpting moves to choose from, you can create a workout using your own sequence or incorporate different moves each day. Try them all to find the ones you love by clicking here.

12. 9 Bicep-Sculpting Moves for Sexy Summer Arms: It's not all about the abs and thighs; we can't forget to work those arms, too! Get tank top or swimsuit ready by shaping strong biceps with these killer exercises. See them here!

13. 5 Exercises to Combat Cellulite: As you age, your estrogen levels decrease and circulation follows, leaving fat cells to push through thin collagen layers; thus, cellulite appears. Combat it quick with these lower body exercises! Check it out here.


14. Get in the Know: 23 Secrets from the World's Best Trainers: Get the advice without paying the hefty price for a personal trainer. This article shares popular trainers' best-kept secrets to help you lose weight and feel your best. Get the tips here!

15. 8 Moves to Get a Dancer's Lean Body: Shape your best body in 5, 6, 7, 8! Learn dancer's top moves for maintaining tight, lean muscles; even the most uncoordinated people can master these simple exercises. Try them by clicking here!


16. Whittle Your Middle With These 6 Must-Try Routines: Keep this post handy if you're looking to tighten your core but easily get bored. It includes six unique routines meant to strengthen your abs and blast belly fat. Check them out here.

17. Top 5 Moves for Toned Triceps: Target this trouble spot with these five moves and see real results fast! These tricep exercises will help you sculpt gorgeous definition in your arms so they aren't waving goodbye while you aren't moving. Get started here.

18. Workouts that Burn More Calories Than Running: If you're not a fan of hitting the pavement, good news! We've found that these six exercises can burn more calories than a run. Click here to see what your new favorite moves should be.

jump rope fitness warm up

19. 25 Ab Exercises That Aren't Crunches: Crunches can be tough on your back and neck, not to mention that they can get dull fast. Switch up your core routine by integrating these 25 exercises — not a single crunch in sight! Get the moves here.

20. 19 Core Exercises for a Tummy Makeover: This post will share all the moves you need to know to transform your tummy from flab to flat! Click here to be taken to the story.

21. Fit Tips to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days: Drop 10 in a month? Just incorporate these tips that trainers love and watch as the number on your scale falls. You'll feel great, too! Learn their secrets by clicking here.

woman weighing herself on bathroom scale

22. 5 Moves to Banish Back Fat: Say buh-bye to back fat with these five simple exercises. You'll only need a stability ball and resistance band to rock through this upper body workout! Get started here.

23. Transform Yourself in 6 Weeks: Want to make 2016 your best yet? Use this story as your motivation to live well in fitness, food and life. Read it here, then make the changes you've been talking about all year.

24. 70 Yoga Poses to Tone and Strengthen Your Body: Look your best using yoga! Think about the parts of your body you'd like to improve, then use this guide to find moves that'll help shape that area. Get started by clicking here.


25. Blast Thigh Jiggle: 9 Power Ring Exercises We Swear By: If there's one piece of new equipment you need this year, it's a power ring. This tool is perfect for adding resistance and keeping your form strong. Once you buy one, see the moves you'll need to know here!