17 Things to Do to Look & Feel Your Best in 2016

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2016 has arrived. Are you going with the motto "new year, new me"? If the mantra crossed your mind, then you'll need a plan! If you want to look and feel better in the new year, then try doing these 17 things.

1. Drink more water. Water isn't just good for you on the inside! By drinking more water you'll see your skin become more fresh and have a healthier glow.

2. Exercise daily. You'll have more confidence knowing that you've been to the gym! Not to mention you'll lose weight and start to become more toned.

3. Keep a journal. You'll find a lot of stress relief and peace of mind by keeping a journal. Try tracking fitness progress or just jot down the good things about your day.

4. Eat more greens. Veggies are an important part of your diet that are often over looked. Eat spinach salads, add kale to a smoothie and sneak more vegetables into your daily meals. Your body will thank you!

green vegetables

5. Read an interesting book. Whether it's the latest trending book or something off the beaten path, you'll feel good about finishing a book and it'll give you a great talking point!

6. Tone your arms. Toned arms are sexy arms! You'll have way more confidence when you shed your jacket this spring when your biceps have a sexy curve to them. Try the Sexy Arms workout for beginners below!

7. Start taking multivitamins. As much as we try and eat a balanced diet, it's too difficult to give your body everything it needs. You can ask your doctor what you're lacking and find the right supplements for you.

8. Walk more. Even if there isn't time to get to the gym every day, getting a few extra steps in means you burn a few extra calories. Try parking further away, taking the stairs and taking a short daily walk with your family.


9. Reward yourself. If you've gone a week without sugar, haven't skipped the gym or have hit a weight goal, treat yo'self! We aren't saying to go to town on a cheesecake, but there are a lot of ways to reward yourself without food.

10. Eat breakfast. Start your day the right way. Breakfast is what signals to your body that it's time to start working. Try our make-ahead breakfast burritos or make a simple (but nutritious) green smoothie!

11. Eat healthy snacks. Eating a snack is not the end-all of a diet. If you're hungry then you need to eat. Just don't grab a chocolate bar or potato chips. Instead, keep a bowl of fruit at your work desk, eat a small handful of nuts or try some Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Bites!

Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Bites

12. Banish bra bulge! You hate that tricky roll under your bra, and it's not an easy place to tone. Try this 13-move workout so you can feel more confident in fitted clothing.

13. Correct your posture. You may not realize how much you're slouching until you correct your posture! If you sit at a desk all day, sitting up straight is a great way to engage your abs during the day, and your neck will feel a lot better.

14. Have more sex. Remember when sex was fun? If that seems like a distant memory, then it's time to reignite the spark! Your relationship will improve, as will your mood! Plus, what makes you feel more confident than a good romp?

15. Get more flexible. It's time to start stretching! You can try out beginner yoga or just try do some light stretches while you watch TV or wait for a casserole to bake.

16. Try sleeping naked. This may sound a little silly, but sleeping naked is a great way to feel more confident! Don't believe us? Read this.

17. Cook more. When we say cook, we don't mean heating up a few cans of ravioli. Take the time to prep filling and healthy meals for yourself and the family. There are TONS of great recipes that can be made quickly and easily. Just browse our recipe index.