Keep Calm and Color On: Why You Need an Adult Coloring Book

| Well Being

If you find secret pleasure in coloring your kids' coloring books during nap time, rejoice! Coloring books aren't just for children anymore.

color escapes
(Photo: Crayola)

It's not news that coloring brings about tons of relaxing benefits, but now Crayola has made it easier for moms to get their minds right. Last month, the crayon makers unveiled an entire line of colored pencils, markers and adult coloring books.

color escapes adult coloring book
(Photo: Crayola)

The large coloring books, called Color Escapes, are full of animal and nature designs. The fact that they come with their own drawing utensils might be a hint to keep them away from the kids, who we've seen demolish a perfectly good marker in mere seconds.

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