16 Moves to Do This Year That You Weren't Doing Last Year

| Fitness

You've worked hard this past year to exercise for weight loss, but now's the time to put the fun back in your sweat session. Let's face it, your normal set of pushups, crunches and curls may have you a bit burned out on working out. Get creative and try these exciting variations and moves that'll put the fire back in your routine!

1. Side Leg Rainbow: Target your hips and thighs with small, controlled movement in this exercise. Don't forget to work both sides! Click here to see the move.


2. Plank Lunge and Jump: Power up your normal plank by adding this lunge and jump combination. Remember to keep your core constantly engaged and you'll keep a solid form. Get the details here!


3. Crunch and Punch with Band: This is another intense, creative move for your core. Maintain a consistent 45-degree angle with your upper body and alternate between arms to punch. Get step-by-step instructions here.


4. IYT Extensions: Sculpt a sexy upper back with this dumbbell exercise. Hit sharp I, Y and T positions with your arms without letting them (or your feet) touch the floor. Click here to see it!


5. Seated Leg Lift Combo: Now get those legs moving for this seated combination that'll work your hips and quads. Keep control of the moving leg and tighten your core! Get details here.

seated leg lift

6. Glute Bridge March: You've mastered the glute bridge; show off by doing it on one leg! You'll sculpt those glutes and core to perfection. Start marching here.


7. Starfish Abs: This move is a fun way to target your midsection! Tap each leg with the opposite arm with both power and control for results. Click here for more info.


8. Single Leg Frog Lift: Whether you're a fitness newbie or you're experienced in exercise, you can complete this move with confidence. It's a strong workout for your glutes. Check your form here!


9. Barbie Abs: Ever wonder how Barbie got those abs? This core-strengthening move is certainly part of her routine and you should be doing it, too! Get started here.


10. Jump Shot: Sculpt your glutes, quads and shoulders with this cardio move. Try "shooting hoops" for a full minute to get your heart pumping. See the move here!


11. Ab Roll Up: This total-body exercise is a great way to get your energy levels up in the morning. You can stand after each roll or jump for an added challenge! Watch the video below or click here for details.

12. Ball Slams: If you're looking for a new piece of equipment to buy this year, consider a slam ball! It provides the heavier weight you need to build strength and tone those hard-to-hit areas. Check it out here.


13. Pilates Hundreds: Build a strong core by trying this pulsing exercise. Try keeping your head and shoulders, as well as your feet, off the floor if you can! Get started here.


14. Side Plank Thread the Needle: Shave those obliques and sculpt your shoulders with this reaching side plank exercise. Don't forget to hit both sides! Click here for details.


15. Pyramid Pulse: Target the chest and biceps with this small, controlled movement. Keep your shoulders down and make each raise drive from your elbows. Get step-by-step instructions here!


16. Burpee Deck Squat Jump: If burpees get a bit boring, try this acrobatic variation! Power through them by keeping each movement fluid into the next. Click here to get started.