9 Low-Impact Moves for Beginners

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Ready to get into the workout scene? Whether this is your first time diving in or you are getting back into the game, it can be hard to find a good starting place. Oftentimes, most workout routines are a little too challenging for someone just starting out. To help you out, we've selected nine moves that are great for beginners.

1. Modified Pushup: A pushup is a staple for many workouts, but that doesn't mean it's easy! If you can't do a regular pushup, try doing it on your knees. It's a great way to perfect your form and build strength. Click here to see step-by-step instructions of a modified pushup.


2. Modified Plank: We love planks. They are an awesome way to tone all the muscles in your core. As a beginner, try holding a regular plank for as long as you can and transition down into the modified plank when it becomes too difficult. Keep working until you can hold a 60-second plank! Click here to learn a regular plank and click here for a modified plank.

Modified-Plank_RESIZED-1 (1)

3. Modified Side Plank: This is a plank variation we love. If a typical side plank is out of your comfort zone, try using this modified version! You'll feel it in your core, and if you don't, you may be ready to do the more challenging version. To learn how to perform a modified side plank, click here.


4. Squat: We have a ton of different types of squats, but for now, master the basics. Click here to see how a squat is performed. Plus, we have trainers weigh in on some common squatting mistakes. If you find you aren't comfortable with this, try out a partial squat. It allows you to keep a chair behind you so you can rest whenever necessary!


5. Bicycle Toe Taps: Many ab exercises are too challenging for beginners and can be discouraging. This toe tap version of a bicycle is an excellent way to have you working your core without over-doing it. Try and do this move for 60 seconds. Over time, you'll see how much stronger you become and will be able to move onto a more challenging ab workout. Click here for step-by-step instructions on the Bicycle Toe Tap.

Bicycle Toe Taps

6. Step Jacks: We like this move because it allows you to engage muscles all over your body and gets your heart rate up for a great cardiovascular move. You can perform this move as slowly as you need to fit your level of fitness. Click here to see how it's done.

Step-Jacks ALL moves

7. March In Place: This is another move that will get your heart rate up without pushing you too hard. It's excellent if you're working out at home or just want to squeeze in some more steps for the day because you can do it in front of the TV or while you wait for the microwave. Click here to get move details.


8. Sprint in Place: If you liked marching in place then you'll like this! It's a step up for a bigger cardio challenge. If you really want to push yourself, try holding dumbbells or attaching ankle weights! Click here to learn more about sprinting in place.


9. Bicep Curls: Use a light set of dumbbells if you are new to weights. A bicep curl is a very basic move that will help to tone your arms. If you like this move, try our Sexy Arm Workout for Beginners!