11 Waist-Trimming Core Exercises to Try Today

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Want to slim down and shed pounds? It takes hard work and education but we know you can do it! We have picked out 11 moves that target your core so you can add them into your fitness routines. Challenge yourself and push through for that flat tummy you've been dreaming of.

1. Waist Trimmer: This move targets your waist like no other — hence its name! It's a tricky move that will really have you feelin' the burn, but you won't mind when your waist starts to shrink! It may not look tough, but just wait until you try it out. Get step-by-step instructions here.


2. Crunches: Let's start with the basics! A crunch, when done properly, a great way to start toning your core. See it done here!


3. Russian Twist: This is a great move to work both your abdominals and your obliques. Another perk is that there are several different variations of this move for all kinds of fitness levels. You can see the classic Russian Twist done in the video below, but you should also check out the advanced Russian twist, a kneeling Russian twist, and more, which you can find in our fitness index.

4. Pushup: Most people hear "pushup" and think upper body, but a pushup is great for your core as well because you have to keep your abs engaged to properly hold yourself up. Learn the proper pushup form and get going!


5. Plank: We love a good plank. By timing your planks you can easily measure your progress and watch how much stronger you grow. A traditional plank can be a challenging move but your core will really benefit from it! Click here to get details on a plank.

6. Side Pushups: This side pushup will directly target your obliques, helping you to whittle your waist and rid yourself of that muffin top for good. Form is key when performing the move, so be sure you read up on the move!

side pushup

7. Starfish Abs: Ready to work your entire core? Starfish abs are the way to go! If you haven't tried this move before, it's definitely worth a go because it'll give you a whole new range of motion. Check it out here.


8. Genie Abs: This move is a sort of combination of a Russian twist and a crunch, yet it's so much more! Set a specific goal of how many you want to get through — and then do five more! Keep trying to improve each time you work on your abs. Click here to see the Genie Abs instructions.


9. Barbie Abs: Have you tried Barbie Abs before? It may not be a familiar move to you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a shot. This move will force you to really focus on your muscle control and work your core to keep control. Learn the move and give it a try tomorrow!


10. Stability Ball V-Pass: If you've got a stability ball, then this is a great core workout to try. It's really challenging but it'll work your core muscles like not much else can, as well as your glutes and hamstrings! Get step-by-step instructions here.

11. Reverse Crunch: This is a great move to do in the gym or at home. It'll work your core in a new way as you push your body and use your abs (not your momentum) to lift your booty off the ground. Click here to see it done!