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The home gym can be a blessing for a busy mom. There are no closing hours, no waiting to use the equipment and no need for a sitter to watch your kids. Unfortunately, it can often be confusing to know what items you really need in your home gym. That's why we've rounded up a list of 30 amazing must-haves to add to your home gym.

1. Compact Refrigerator with Wipe-Off Board Front: Looking for an easy way to remember your routine? Try writing it on your mini fridge! That way, when you reach in to grab a bottle of water or a sports drink, you can be reminded of your routine and goals for the week. (via Wal-Mart)

mini fridge

2. Body Solid Vinyl Dumbbell Sets: If you've been trying to get sexy arms for summer, these dumbbells are the perfect match. Pick up a set in every weight and then use our free-weight exercise for toned arms to whip those arms into shape! (via Amazon)

body solid dumbell
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3. Dragonfly TPE Lite Mat: Doing ab exercises or a yoga routine on a hard floor can feel like torture! So try adding this amazing mat to the mix. (via Everything Yoga)

Dragonfly TPE Lite Mat

4. Rejuvenation 55 cm Complete Support and Stability Ball: The stability ball can be used for everything from ab exercises to squats. Looking for a way to incorporate this ball into our routine? Try our total body stability ball workout. (via Dick's Sporting Goods)

rejuvenation stability ball

5. Rep Fitness Medicine Ball: The medicine ball is an excellent way to increase the intensity of your workouts. Whether you use it to pump or your squats or add resistance to a waist-wittling wood chop, you just can't go wrong with this medicine ball. (via Amazon)

medicine ball

6. VIZIO 24 Inch HDTV: What better way to work out to your favorite exercise DVDs than on this high-quality HD TV? This television is small enough to fit perfectly into your workout space, yet still large enough to make your favorite fitness DVD feel like a one-on-one with a personal trainer. (via Amazon)

flat screen tv
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7. TRX Suspension Trainer Pro Kit: Always wanted to try TRX training but hate the thought of those expensive classes? Now you can try this amazing workout at home for half the cost! (via SPRI)

TRX suspension trainging kit
(Photo: SPRI)

8. Champion Weighted Jump Rope: If you're looking for a mega calorie burning workout that's totally mobile, try adding this gem to your fitness arsenal! This weighted rope offers both cardio and resistance in the convenience of a portable rope. It's also a great addition to our ultimate playground workout routine! (via ESports Online)

jump rope
(Photo: ESports Online)

9. The STEP:  This adjustable bench is the perfect match for our High Energy Step Workout. Not into step aerobics? This bench can also be used for step-ups and as a bench for tricep dips and even pushups. (via Amazon)

aerobic step
(Photo: SPRI)

10. Seca 700 Physician's Balance Beam Scale with Height Rod: Yes we know, weighing yourself is likely the last thing you want to start your morning with, but it's important to do in order to stay on track. This scale is unlike your typical bathroom scale. It gives you an accurate weigh-in every time. (via Amazon)

balance scale
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11. Gliding Disks: These disks are perfect for adding a little variation to your average pushup, and the colors will add a fun touch to your workout room. (via SPRI)

gliding disks
(Photo: SPRI)

12. BOSU Balance Trainer: The BOSU ball can be used for so many amazing things! Use it to add intensity to lower body workouts or flip it over and strengthen your core while working on your upper body. Either way you work it, no workout room is complete without a BOSU Balance Trainer. (via Amazon)

bosu balance trainer
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13. GoFit Pro Massage Foam Roller: Tough workouts deserve a little R&R, and this foam roller is your body's best friend. Use it to massage out the kinks and keep you feeling as amazing as you look. (via REI)

foam roller
(Photo: REI)

14. ProForm Performance Treadmill: It's a fact that running burns a crazy amount of calories and is a great way to work your legs and butt. Unfortunately, the weather can often suck the joy out of running. That's why this treadmill is the perfect home gym addition. Now there really are no more excuses! (via Wal-Mart)

(Photo: Wal-Mart)

15. Pilates Power Ring Pro: If you've been trying to get those thighs toned and tight, this little ring will help you get there fast. Use it to trim your inner thigh area or as an addition to really pump up your Pilates workout! (via SPRI)

power ring
(Photo: SPRI)

16. Momentum: Designs That Move You: Who knew a bracelet could be inspiring? These adorable pieces of jewelry have inspirational quotes to keep you motivated when you don't think you could possibly last another second in plank pose. (via Designs That Move You)

designs that move you bracelet

17. Everlast Boxing Gloves: These gloves may look sweet, but add them to your favorite kickboxing workout and you'll be ready to put the smack down on those extra pounds. (via Target)

everlast boxing gloves
(Photo: Target)

18. Free Standing Ballet Bar: Love Barre workouts but never seem to be able to make those crazy class schedules? Now you can add an in-home barre workout to your routine with this standing ballet bar. (via Amazon)

ballet bar
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19. Slastix Resistance Bands: If you travel or simply have limited space in your home gym, these toning bands will be your best friend. With as much resistance as the average dumbbell, these amazing bands offer a serious workout without hogging all of your space. (via ESports Online)

slastix toner
(Photo: ESports Online)

20. Heart Rate Monitor Watch: If you're working hard to get that body into bikini shape, then you need this heart rate monitor. Not only will it ensure that you're keeping within your fat-burning zone, but it will even let you know how many calories you burned during your workout! (via Amazon)

heart rate monitor watch
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21. InStride Pro Electric Mini Stepper: This mini stepper is the perfect addition to your home gym. Just pop it in the corner and get to stepping! (via Wayfair)

(Photo: Waifair)

22. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker: If cranking the tunes through your headphones isn't quite enough to keep you motivated during a workout, then this speaker will be a life saver! It only requires a little bit of space but it will pump up the volume and get you rockin'! Need a workout pick-me-up playlist? Try one of these! (via Amazon)

jawbone speaker
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23. Shaun T's FOUCUS T25 Base Kit: If lack of time has been your excuse for getting into shape, sorry, but your excuse has been squashed! T25 gives you a full body, kick-butt workout in only 25 minutes. (via Amazon)

shaun-t DVD
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24. TurboFire DVD Workout: If you loved Turbo Jam but felt like it was time to up the intensity, Turbo Fire has you covered! This amazing routine will burn fat and tone your body in all the right places. (via Amazon)

(Photo: Amazon)

25. 'Good Vibes Only' Print: Need to add a little character to your home gym? Let the good vibes roll with this inspirational print. (via Etsy)

good vibes only
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26. 'Be Stronger Than Your Excuses' Print: This print will help to remind you that the only thing stopping you from reaching your goals is yourself! (via Etsy)

stronger than your excuses
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27. 'Why You Started' Print: When the going gets tough, this print will be there to remind you to keep going. (via Etsy)

why you started
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28. Honeywell Super Turbo Air Circulator: Even in a home gym, workouts can be tough with all of this humidity. Cool off while you're getting hot with this portable floor fan. (via Target)

turbo fan
(Photo: Target)

29. Fuel Performance Adjustable Plyometrics Box: If you're not adding plyo to your regular routine, you should be! This plyo box fits perfectly in the corner or even in a closet, but really adds intensity to exercises like box jumps and step-ups! (via Amazon)

fuel power step
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30. Lebert Equalizer: Add this amazing equalizer to exercises such as tricep dips and elevated pushups, to take your muscle toning to a whole new level. (via Amazon)

lebert equalizer
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So if your home gym is lacking a few key essentials, get it up to par ASAP! With these amazing home gym must-haves, you'll be on your way to your best shape ever!