5 Quick Moves for Thinner Inner Thighs

| Fitness

Short on time but want to get a quick routine in? These moves that target the inner thighs will help tone that stubborn area and make your legs appear longer and leaner. Try to perform each move for one minute and complete the entire set three times!

1. Bent Knee Inner Thigh Lift: Engage your core and drive your leg upward from your inner thighs to feel the burn. Lift with one leg for 30 seconds and be sure to hit the other side! Click here to see this move.


2. Standing Inner Thigh Squeeze: Grab a squishy ball and place it between your thighs just above your knees. Try to flatten the ball, then release the contraction without straightening your legs. Get details here!


3. Gliding Side Lunge: Doing lunges with gliders (or even paper plates) under your feet allow your inner thighs to do much of the work. Focus on standing from the lunge position by engaging the thighs rather than pushing through the feet. Learn more about this move here!


4. Sumo Squat with Bicep Curl: Turn out those toes and squat low to target your adductors. Adding a bicep curl to this move will allow you to squat additional weight and you'll tone your arms as you work your legs! See details here.


5. Attitude to Side Sweep: Target the inner thighs with this ballet-inspired exercise! Try to bend your leg 90 degrees to start, then swing and straighten it to the side. Don't forget to perform this fun move with the other leg! Double check your form by clicking here.