7 Toning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

| Fitness

Use your idle time for some extra fitness, and tone those muscles anywhere with these great moves! You can take them virtually anywhere without people noticing... well, barely noticing. Let's get tight and toned!

1. Calf Raises: Don't waste time just standing in line at the bank, DMV or even the grocery line. Step your legs out to a little less than shoulder-width apart with your toes pointing forward and rise up onto the balls of your feet. Your heels should be off the ground. Try to go up and down without touching the ground. Click here for more detailed instructions.

calf-raise 2. Ab Contractions: Stand tall with your shoulders relaxed. Tighten up your stomach by bringing your belly button inwards. Imagine pressing it into your spine. Really tighten it in and exhale as you contract.

woman abs 3. Shoulder Pinches: Relax your shoulders by rolling them back and away from your ears. Standing tall with your core tight, press your shoulder blades back. Imagine you are pinching your shoulder blades together — like you're trying to hold a pencil between your shoulder blades. It would be similar to this move, just without as much motion and the dumbbells:

standing dumbbell upright row

4. Butt Clencher: There's no pleasant way to describe this one, ladies. It's just as it sounds. You can stand with your feet together or with your feet apart. Squeeze that tush and get cheeky!

buttclencher 5. Upright Chest Press: Remember those shoulder pinchers? Let's reverse that movement. Push your shoulders forward and really feel your chest pinch forward. It would be like this move, without the resistance band (or with, if you're getting fancy!).


6. Shoulder Rolls: Make small circles with your shoulders. Roll your shoulders up, back, down and forward.

shoulder exercise

7. Balance Work: Without looking down, shift your weight to one foot and lift the other off the ground and go into tree pose. For an extra challenge, close your eyes. Well, closing your eyes for an extended period might go noticed. But, it won't take too much shut eye to make you wobble!