How To Change Up Your Workout During a Detox or Cleanse

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Ideally, we'd like to think our bodies are capable of excelling under quite a bit of duress. We can survive childbirth, the perils of the grocery store, and the harrowing drop-off and pick-up schedules our children have laid before us. When it comes to working out during a detox or cleanse, however, we need to take special precautions so that we avoid harming our precious bodies! Nothing is as invigorating — or as draining — as a full-on cleanse. No matter how much you psych yourself up to commit to your program and exercise voraciously every minute of every day, you need to know how much you can actually handle. Detoxes can be stressful enough on the body as is, so the last thing you want is to push your body over the edge! Take a look at the information below to learn more about how to check yourself during your next cleanse!

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Cleanses and detoxes are all about deprivation. We're depriving our bodies of nutrients like carbs and proteins that would typically serve as our fuel to power us through our workouts and repair our damaged tissues afterwards. Without these essential elements, fitness can just sap the energy right out of you!

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That being said, a little bit of action can go a long way in stimulating your digestive tract! Pairing manageable exercise with a detox or a cleanse can actually make your program that much more efficient. According to Equinox, working out can go as far as to facilitate the process. During exercise, you are practicing techniques such as deep breathing, sweating, and stimulating your colon and your lymphatic system, all of which aid your body in releasing harmful toxins.

So what kind of exercise do we recommend for all you detoxers? Well, it depends on what kind of program you are engaging in. For instance, you probably won't be able to swing workouts that include endurance activities like running or weight training if you are on an all-juice cleanse. Your body absolutely needs protein and carbs to rebuild muscle and damaged tissue. If you are committed to an all-juice diet, stick with lighter activity like walking or yoga. If you are willing to supplement your diet with some protein shakes or raw solids like whole fruits and vegetables, then jumping into your weekly spinning class or pumping some iron won't be such a strain on your body.

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Regardless of what kind of detox program you are committing to, it is imperative that you listen to your body. If you are unsure how far you should push yourself, start slow and let yourself build up over a couple days. Take a 20 to 30 minute walk around your neighborhood. Check out some of those new stores you've had your eye on. You don't want your body to break down on day one!  Once you've established how much stress your body can handle, then start to gradually build up to higher intensity workouts. Remember that your body is going through a lot of changes during a cleanse! For more information, check out these sources: Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, and Hello Magazine.