What Your Body Shape Can Tell You About Losing Weight

| Weight Loss

Just as shopping for a new bathing suit isn’t a “one size fits all” situation, losing weight isn’t the same for every body. Each body shape is beautiful in its own unique way, but knowing how to maintain a healthy weight for your body type is essential. Whether you’re a pear-shaped beauty or have a straight, curvy or athletic build, learn how to get your body in tip-top shape!

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Pear: Pear-shaped people have have wider lower bodies than their shoulders, causing them to store fat in their hips and thighs. Because losing weight happens first around your middle, people with this shape find dropping pounds difficult. From a health perspective, though, the passive fat stored in the lower body may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular conditions.

If you’re a pear, limit healthy fats as they build easily on the fat already stored in your body. Instead, stick to lean protein and complex carbs like brown rice, whole-grain cereals and beans. Try this Cya Cellulite video to burn fat from your thighs. Cellulite blocks your blood from reaching fat stores, so destroying it can actually help your body burn fat on its own!

Straight: People with this body shape show no real difference between the width of their shoulders, waist and hips. They are often thinner as their bodies have a narrow build, but when they do gain weight, it’s pesky fat around their middle. This type of fat actually puts them at risk for heart disease and diabetes, so it’s important they incorporate healthy fats into their diet to reduce their risk of these problems.

If you have this narrow, straight build, incorporate fish and other lean proteins, beans, veggies and other sources of healthy fat into your diet. As for fitness, try our Hourglass Figure Workout to create your own curves! Rather than focusing on narrowing your waist, this workout uses strength training to tone your shoulders, helping define your shape.

Curvy: Curves are often coveted by those who don’t have them, while those hippy and busty women who don this shape wouldn’t mind losing a little. Curvy types tend to gain weight all over, making it difficult to lose and maintain their weight without constant work.

If you have a curvy shape, slim your middle by removing simple carbs from your diet at dinner, meaning you should avoid pastas, potatoes and breads! It’s more difficult to burn them off in the evening, so stick to eating them earlier in the day. While your diet may help you whittle your middle, your workouts can help you accentuate your wider areas. Total-body workouts can help you tighten and tone, especially your thighs and arms. Try our This Body Rocks workout to sculpt a tighter, firm figure.

Athletic: People with this inverted triangle build have broader shoulders and a smaller lower body. These types also tend to be short-waisted with more of a square shape than curvy types. It’s often difficult for people with this shape to find clothing that fits both their upper and lower body, and when they gain weight, it’s in their midsection.

If you’re an athletic build, avoid simple carbs and high-sugar foods as unhealthy fat will be stored around your middle. Instead, eat lean proteins, and sources of omega-3 like nuts, avocado and salmon to burn more body fat. Because there is little definition between your hips and bottom, defining these areas can make it easier to shop for comfortable-fitting clothing and create a proportionate figure. Build muscle in your lower body with the 20-Minute Leg and Booty Burner workout!