She’s Got Legs, And She Knows How To Use Them

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Just because it's not swimsuit season doesn't mean you shouldn't be keeping those legs sleek and sexy! Don't you want to rock those heels, ladies? With these 15 tried-and-true moves, we'll have you looking your best in no time. Keep reading to learn about our favorite booty-kicking exercises.

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1. Chair Squats: Not quite ready to sink into a full-on squat? Why not give this simple solution a shot? Just grab a chair and have a seat! See how it's done here.

2. Lying Double Leg Lifts: No equipment necessary for these babies! Not only will they tone up your inner and outer thighs, but they will also help tighten your core too. Click here to learn more.


3. Plié with Calf Raise: Looking to add a little more burn to your leg workout? Pliés are a great way to target both your hamstrings and your quads, and the calf raise adds a whole new level of intensity for you overachievers! Check out the instructions here.


4. Hamstring Curls with Gliders: Crank up the heat on this basic move with one of our favorite fitness gadgets! The glider really helps to isolate and work those hamstrings and glutes. Check it out here!


5. Glute Bridge: Wanna make that booty burn? Nothing torches those glutes and hamstrings like this move! See how it's done here.

glute bridge

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6. Side Lunge with Glider: Keep your extended leg as straight as possible as you move into position! These lunges are great if you are looking to target those glutes and thighs. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

side lunge with sliders amanda strong

7. Kickback with Resistance Bands: Remember to keep your back straight and abdominals engaged as you move your legs. High heels, here we come! Check out more instructions here.

kickback pulse

8. Three-Way Lunge: It's back to basics with this simple move! The directional lunges will help target those leg muscles for a sleek and sexy look that you will want to show off. Click here to see how it's done.

three way lunge all

9. Squat with Twist: We know squats can get a little tedious, so we've gone ahead and added a twist — literally! Engage your thighs and your core with this spiced-up squat. Check out the instructions here.


10. Side Step with Crossed Resistance Band: Nothing works those outer thighs like a little resistance! Make sure you are keeping your spine straight as you work those legs. Click here for help!


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11. Kettlebell Deadlift: We know you bend over a thousand times a day to clean up after the kiddos, but give this move a try for maximum results! Deadlifts are a great way to target those hamstrings. Click here for a demonstration.

KB deadlift

12. Jumping Side Squats: Ready for a surge of energy? These squats are the perfect solution for flabby quads. Make sure that you maintain good posture to avoid injury! Check out this move here.


13. Weighted Calf Raises: Ready to tone and tighten those calves? All you need is some dumbbells or a resistance band! This exercise will give you shapely shins in no time. Click here to learn more. 


14. Side Leg Lift: This Pilates move will definitely put those outer leg muscles to work. Make sure you keep your hips aligned as you move in and out of the lift! To see how it's done, click here.


15. Goblet Squat Jump: Goblet squats are a fantastic way to work those glutes and quads, and throwing in a jump adds a great cardio element to the move! Check out more instructions here.

Goblet Squat Grouped

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