Become Supermom Using Power Planning Sundays

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It’s Power Planning Sunday! But what does that mean? And where do you even start?

Power Planning Sundays give you the power and ability to take control of the week ahead. Taking your plans and preparing to meet the healthy goals you’ve set makes you more likely to follow through and keeps you from skipping your workout or rolling through the drive-thru.

brooke griffin chopping vegetables in the kitchen

You could create your menu, build a grocery list and shop on Sunday, but when you get home you may be too exhausted (mentally and physically) to prep for the week. Try going to the grocery on Saturday if you think that’ll increase your success, but don’t throw away your grocery list! How many times have you put your ingredients away only to forget half of the things you just purchased?

After purchasing your ingredients, sit down with your grocery list and craft a mental plan (or write it down) of what your Power Planning Sunday will look like. What needs to be done in order to best assist you throughout the week?

If you’re new to planning and prepping, here are a few ideas on where to start. It may seem overwhelming at first, but you’ll quickly get the hang of things and you’ll love how much time it saves during the dinner rush on busy evenings!

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Wash and chop fruits and veggies: Save loads of time by washing and chopping all your healthy produce. Have a few fruits and vegetables cut and packaged as anytime snacks for the family, too; you’ll all be more likely to eat them since they’re prepped and ready!

chopping veggies

Portion and package snacks: Buying in bulk is often the more cost-effective option, but it can be easy to unconsciously overindulge in a family-sized bag of snack crackers. Buy small snack baggies or containers and portion individual servings for each day. That saves time, money and your waistline!

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Whip up simple lunches: Recipes like Light Egg Salad are easy to prepare and keep well in the refrigerator. This recipe yields four servings, so once it’s made, portion four 1-cup servings in separate containers, package a few low-fat Triscuit® crackers and half a cup of blueberries, and you’ve completely prepped healthy lunches!

Freeze slow cooker meals: If dinners are your biggest struggle, you can prepare a slow cooker meal like Tortilla Chicken Soup completely and freeze it until you need a meal in a pinch. This meals cook itself and when it’s done, just refrigerate it for one hour in a sealed container, then place it in the freezer to store. This is done to ensure food safety as the meal has time to cool completely before being exposed to freezing temperatures.

chicken tortilla soup

Label with dates: Whether you’re new to meal prep or you thrive on organization, labeling prepped ingredients with the meal and day they’re meant to be used can help keep your brain in order. It’ll also keep you from sneaking a snack out of the fridge if you know it will cause an added grocery trip later in the week.

If you’re looking to make Power Planning Sundays a weekly habit, try incorporating these other helpful planning actions. You’ll face the coming week with confidence!

Schedule your workouts: Book your group fitness classes, jot scheduled gym time in your calendar or set an alarm (or two) for your early-morning sweat sessions. You’ll follow through if you’ve already made it a date!

woman doing ab workouts in a group workout class

Lay out your workout clothes: "Forgetting" your gym clothes is an excuse of the past. Launder and lay out your outfits for the week and pack your gym bag the night before a workout to stay organized.

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Wind down and recharge: Spend time before bed doing an activity you enjoy like reading, writing or a relaxing yoga flow. Use this time also to connect spiritually and prepare your mind for a positive week.