10 Compound Moves You Should Start Doing

| Fitness

A compound move is one fitness move that combines two in one. If you're a busy mom who doesn't have time for a long workout, a compound move can help you work out two different ares of the body at once, cutting down on your workout time! Next time you have to cut your routine short, try incorporating these moves.

1. Plank Lunge and Jump: We've combined a plank, a lunge and a jump to bring your an intense move that will work your core! It's got several steps, so click here to make sure you've got the right form.


2. Squat with Twist: We've taken a traditional squat and added a twisting element so you can work your glutes and core at the same time! Give this squat variation a try next time you're doing a quick workout. Click here to see the details on the move.


3. Chest Press with Leg Raise: A chest press is a great way to work that upper body and get ready for tank top season, but when combining it with a leg raise, you're also working your hip flexors and core! Say hello to your bikini body! See it done by clicking here.


4. Side Lunge and Press: Work your booty with a side lunge, but add the challenge of a shoulder workout as well! The added weight takes your side lunge to a whole new level with the addition of a press. To see the move done, click here.


5. Kettlebell Sit-Up and Press: A sit-up is a basic move that everyone should master. Once your core is ready, work your upper back with an added press. Watch it done below or click here.

6. Reverse Lunge and Press: Work your upper and lower body at the same time with this compound move! You'll target glutes, quads and shoulders. To learn how it's done, click here.


7. Stability Ball Plank with Leg Lift: Planks are tricky on their own, so doing it on a stability ball is a big challenge. Once you've mastered that, go even further with a leg lift! You'll take a core move and add some glute work to it! Get full instructions on the move here.


8. Fly with Bridge: A bridge is a great glute workout for any fitness level. Adding in a chest fly allows you to work the booty and chest at the same time! Click here to see it done.


9. Side Plank with Arm Extension: A side plank is a great variation to add to any fitness routine because it does a fabulous job of targeting your core. With the added arm extension, you can work your chest and shoulders at the same time. For details on the move, click here.


10. Squat and Tricep Extensions: Work your triceps from a squatted position. When you do this, you'll get in a great tricep workout as you strengthen your glutes and quads! For step-by-step instructions, click here.