#ResolutionFail: How To Get Back On the Wagon

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It is estimated that a whopping 80 percent of New Year's resolutions are abandoned by even the most well-intentioned people across the country. For one or two glorious weeks, we live by the idealistic goals to shed 10 pounds, live a healthy life, and spend more time with our families. Then life catches up and we inevitably fall back into our bad habits. Luckily for you, we've got a few tried-and-true tips to help you get back on the resolution wagon! If you are struggling to stick with your goals, keep reading to learn how to beat the odds and live up to your expectations.

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1. Start small. Chances are, as the ball began to drop at midnight on New Years, you weren't concentrating on making realistic resolutions. You were thinking about all those sweeping changes you wanted to make that would transform your life into a fairytale. Let's face the facts, ladies. Telling yourself you are going to drop 15 pounds in a month might sound like a plan, but you are only setting yourself up for disappointment! Start small, and as you see yourself fulfilling those minor goals, then allow yourself to think a little bigger. Instead of claiming that you are going to instigate mandatory family dinners every night, start with sit-down meals once or twice a week. Let your family's schedule adjust, and then work your way up! Life gets in the way, so give your goals some wiggle room!

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2. Change one behavior at a time. While it may be tempting to try to accomplish all your goals at once, chances are you will be much more successful if you work on one resolution at a time. New Year's Eve often forces us to reevaluate our lives, and that can be very overwhelming. Most of us probably notice a whole plethora of problems that we want to address as soon as possible, but if we try to tackle too many problems at once we are bound to give up just as soon as we get started. Instead of focusing on all those problems at once, start with one and hone in on the challenges and rewards that come with fulfilling one thing at a time.

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3. Give yourself some wiggle room. Beating yourself up just because you weren't able to attain your goals on some preordained idea isn't going to help you cross the finish line. So when you slip up on your diet, or accidentally yell at your kid when you are supposed to be working on being more patient, take a deep breath and remind yourself that no one is perfect. Making those mistakes and learning from them is just part of the journey, so cut yourself some slack!

4. Talk it out. Whether you rely on your friends, family, or community for support, vocalizing your resolutions and the steps you are going to take to achieve them is an essential part of staying on target! Talking it out with someone can often help you overcome any stress or anxiety you are facing, and allowing someone else to talk you through your goals can give you new perspectives that you would never have considered. Plus, having someone there to share in your success will feel infinitely better than celebrating alone!

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Failing at our resolutions is nothing to be ashamed of, especially since the majority of the country is in the same boat! Your willingness to jump back on that horse and tackle those goals with renewed energy is what truly makes a difference. For more information, check out our sources here: U.S. News: Health, and American Psychological Association.