The Best Workout for Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday has become more than a football game; it's an event. The commercials, halftime show, food and drinks... it's a lot of buzz for a three-hour football game. Getting ready for the big game can be almost as time consuming as getting ready for a holiday. And like the holidays, we often end up mindlessly snacking on finger foods before even realizing how many hot wings we just stuffed in our faces. So how do we tackle the high-calorie hurdle on game day? Let's make it fun and fit with this Game Day Workout with a special Super Bowl twist. Follow the workout below and get moving! Better yet, get your friends involved and make it a team effort!

super bowl workout

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Workout and information brought to you by Shannon Fable. Shannon Fable is Director of Exercise Programming for Anytime Fitness (the largest health club chain in the world) as well as the 2013 IDEA Instructor of the Year and 2006 ACE Instructor of the Year. She is also the founder of SFR, a consulting firm for aspiring fitness educators, manufacturers and managers, as well as the owner of Balletone(r) and GroupEx Pro(r). Shannon is a 15 year fitness veteran, freelance writer, as well as an international presenter for Schwinn(r), BOSU and ACE. She is a member of the ACE Board of Directors, has helped author portions of the ACE and ACSM Group Fitness manuals, and has starred in over 25 fitness videos. Some information was changed to fit the 2016 Super Bowl.