10 Exciting Ways to Get Your Sexy Back

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young sexy couple in bed

Well, let me rephrase that — 10 ways to bring your sexy out of hiding. She hasn't gone anywhere, but other things such as work piling up, wrestling the kids into bed and packing lunches have climbed up on the list of importance. But the health benefits of having sex are hard to argue with, what with a little rumble in the sack lowering your blood pressure, improving your mood, alleviating stress and promoting heart health (in so many ways). So in reality, the mind-blowing, wonderfully fun round of hanky panky is healthy and therefore important.

But maybe you've just popped out a baby, or it's your time of the month, and you're not feeling like your normal, goddess self. Rest assured, you didn't lose your sexy. She's there. Bring her out, long-legged and wild with these tips.

1. Connect your mind and body. According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, yoga enhances the sexual experience for both men and women and creates stronger arousal. During a yoga flow, you focus on the breath to enhance awareness of the body. This awareness can bring attention to your taut muscles and all your lovely curves. No wonder the hubby likes to watch yoga instead of participate.

2. Sink into suds. Yes, it's totally movie-esque, but with candles lit, soapy bubbles all over and warm water caressing you, it is easier to focus on your needs and the feeling of utter relaxation. Plus, who doesn't look absolutely alluring soaking in a bubble bath?

woman bathing

3. Slip into something revealing. Even if you're the only one home and still haven't showered yet, slip yourself into something that makes you feel sexy. Lingerie if you have it, or soft shorts and a camisole, or your husband's work shirt. Whatever makes you love what you're seeing in the mirror is worth putting on.

4. Cook with your man. You're both in a small space, bumping into each other and creating something delicious together. It's easy to see how fast things could turn, making cupcakes and licking the spoon...

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5. Pamper yourself. If you really haven't been feeling like your normal self, it could be from stress. Remember to constantly check in with your body and understand what it needs. A day at the spa, or a new manicure, or even just an eyebrow wax. Sometimes the smallest change can bring out your confidence and sensuality.

woman getting a massage during a spa day

6. Go somewhere you've never been. Even better, go there with your man. Hop on a train or walk down a new street. Take in the sights and smells of a new place and heighten your sense of adventure. Meet him in the back of a dusty bookstore. Give wanderlust a shot, a getaway from the monotony of daily life.

7. Read old love letters or text messages. Re-read his cheesy pick-up lines or those naughty texts he sent during that one meeting last week; it'll put you in the mindset of loving, and also remind you of why he loves to love you.

8. Exercise. Funny that so many women feel sexier after sweating. But the endorphins released from sweat make you naturally feel good, and you'll feel more confident knowing that you're working on your body little by little.

fitness refresh

9. Hold eye contact. Holding someone's gaze increases the production of oxytocin, which is called the love hormone. Be unwavering with your gaze, and aware of just how seductive a look can be.

10. Wear that perfume. You know, the one that drives him crazy and has him diving for your neck. Rub some sandalwood oil on your wrist or a spritz of vanilla on your neck, and you'll feel like you're leaving sensual hints behind you everywhere you go. Check out some other erotic scents in this article from ThoughtCatalog.