Get Stronger During Your Lunch Break

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First, this is not to imply you should skip lunch! Instead, you can use the time off work during your lunch break to tone up and get the blood flowing after sitting at your desk all morning. Keep small healthy snacks in reach and plan ahead with small, powerful meals to keep your engine going.

Keep it simple. When you're at work, you don't have much time and you certainly don't have access to a bunch of equipment (unless your workplace offers a gym — score!). For this reason, think bodyweight exercises, and because you don't want to return to work all sweaty, stick with strength exercises with isolation training.

Squats, reverse lunges, weightless deadlifts and single leg dips are perfect choices for quick booty gains! You can even do these with your hands free so you can nibble down that wrap at lunch. Try doing these for 10 reps at least twice through at a slow and steady pace. You can even do them with a 2/2 count: down for two counts and up for two counts to welcome that burn. Follow along with Real Mom Model Amanda Strong for a lower body workout that requires you, a chair and 18 minutes of commitment:

As for isometric or isolation exercises, you'll be working one muscle or muscle group. Take the bicep curl, for example, which is an isolation exercise. You're just focusing on the upper arm with a super simple lever motion. Isometric exercises often appear in barre workouts as holds and pulses – ow! Try these exercises to strengthen your back and core:

1. Superman: Squeeze your glutes together and keep your nose a couple inches from the mat while looking down. Lift the arms and reach forward, lengthening your body from your fingertips through your toes. Try not to push yourself up by pushing out your belly. Instead, keep the work in your back. Click here to see how you can advance this move!


2. Chaturanga Pushup Hold: This challenging yoga sequence targets the entire body. Try to hold this step for a few seconds at a time. Keep your elbows tight against your ribcage and turn on the core! See the entire sequence here.


3. Chair Pose: Get out of your chair and make one yourself! To accurately get into this pose, you need to bring your feet together and stand tall. Bend the knees into a narrow squat, going as low as you can comfortably go. Raise the arms forward or overhead keeping a flat back. Draw the shoulder blades together and hold. You'll be shaking like a leaf in a matter of seconds! Check it out here.


Hold the isometric positions for 10 to 30 seconds. It will heat your muscles and challenge the body more than you think!

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