Kick Crunches: 50 Core-Sculpting Moves

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The mid-section is always giving women trouble. From the muffin top to the belly pooch, extra fat tends to hang around your core. If you're ready to say goodbye to belly fat forever, then try using some of these 50 core moves.

1. Plank Jack: We love this twist on a plank. By jumping your feet in and out, you are really pushing your body to another level and working more muscles, including your core. Watch the video below or click here for move details.

2. Plank: A plank is a tricky move that you may be avoiding. If that's the case, it's time to stop, because a plank is an effective way to work your abdominal muscles. Push yourself and try to hold a 60 second plank. Keep track of your progress and see how long you can go! Click here for step-by-step instructions.

forearm plank

3. Weighted Knee Lift and Twist: Work your core along with your shoulders and glutes with this move. It's a great way to tone and tighten the body! Click here to check it out.


4. Boxer Slide: You'll love this move. Why? It works both your core and glutes, letting you tone, tighten and slim! See how it's done by clicking here.


5. Kneeling Side Plank Clamshells: Work your core and your outer thighs with this move! It take a bit of practice, but once you master it you can incorporate it into all your workouts. Check it out here.


6. Plank Jack and Jump: We've taken the plank jack to another level with an added jump. This great compound move will allow you to work your core and quads at the same time! Click here to see how it's done.


7. Starfish Abs: If you're tired of boring crunches, try this move. You'll enjoy the way it works your core and gets you out of your boring workout routine. To learn the move, click here.


8. Crouching Tiger: This is a move you may not have done before, so give it a try! It will work your core and your quads. Get step-by-step instructions here.


9. Crossover Plank: This is a new way to plank that will specifically target your core. Start in your high plank position and follow our instructions for a great ab workout.


10. Pilates Hundreds: This move helps you to focus on your abdominal wall. This move comes from Pilates, which is a great workout to try. Check out the Pilates Hundreds by clicking here.


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11. Plank Leg Triangle: This is another plank variation that will rock your core. It will also work your inner and outer thighs for a slimming workout. See how the move is done by clicking here.


12. Genie Abs: Directly targeting your core, this move is the perfect move to swap out for crunches. It's challenging and effective, but not too hard to master! Learn the move by clicking here.


13. Bear Crawl: The bear crawl is a new move that can your our abs and quads at the same time. Grab your mat and get down! See the move in action when you click here.


14. Weighted Pilates Sit-Up: Take your old, boring sit-up to a new level. With an added weight, this version of a sit-up will have you sculpting your abs in no time. Get step-by-step instruction here.


15. Corkscrew: To work your abs and obliques, try the corkscrew. We love to get both abs and obliques in one move because it works two of the biggest trouble spots — the muffin top and belly pooch! To learn the move, click here.


16. Spider Plank: Change up your plank and try this spider variation! It'll work your core muscles and get you a little bit closer to those abs you've been dreaming of. Click here to see how it's done.


17. Iron Cross: This is a challenging move that will really kick your core into shape. You'll love pushing yourself and seeing yourself improve over time. Click here for step-by-step instructions.


18. Russian Twist:  A move you may have tried before, it's a great core workout and way more fun than a crunch. Watch the video below or click here for instructions. Then keep reading for more Russian twist variations.

19. Kneeling Russian Twist: This version of a Russian twist will be a nice change. When you perform it, be sure not to twist your hips and to keep them pushed forward. For more detailed instructions, click here.


20. Russian Twist with Kettlebell: To make your Russian twist a bit more challenging, add a kettlebell! The extra weight will make you work a little harder. If you don't have a kettlebell, a dumbbell will work just fine. Click here for to learn the proper form.


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21. Advanced Russian Twist: If you want to make your Russian twist more challenging without equipment, try an advanced Russian twist. It's done by lifting your feet off the ground, which forces you to put more focus and effort on your core. Click here for more info.

advanced russian twist

22. Kneeling Sit to Rise: This is a move that will help you to target your core in a more low-impact way. To see details, click here,


23. Baboon Jumps: It's time to get primal! This move works your core and quads in a new way. If you're looking for a way to change up your routine, this is a great move. See it done here.

Baboon Jumps Grouped

24. Elevated Plank Walk: This move literally takes a plank to another level. You'll get a great core workout and can tone your shoulders! To get step-by-step instructions, click here.

plank walk

25. Side Plank: For another new plank, try it on the side! It's a great core workout that will really challenge your strength and balance. Get the details on the move by clicking here.


26. Side Plank Hip Dips: Once you've mastered your side plank, add a dip! When you take your side plank further, you're pushing your body and strengthening  your core even more. Click here to see how it's done.


27. Stability Ball Skiiers: Ready to work? This move will really put your core to the test because you'll have to use your core to stabilize and balance as you perform this move.


28. Bird Dog Side Reach: To target your core, try out the Bird Dog Side Reach. It's a lower impact move but it's still a challenge! Your core will work to stabilize and balance your body. Click here to see how it's done.


29. Bicycle Toe Taps: This is a great move for working on your core at any time. It's simple but helpful when trying to tone; you can even do it during commercial breaks or after a tough workout! To see how it's done, click here.

Bicycle Toe Taps

30. Kneeling Hinge: This move will work the muscles in your core and your booty! If you want to tone and tighten these trouble spots, try it out by clicking here.


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31. Boat Crunch: A boat crunch is a great move for working your core. It's challenging but manageable. Push yourself and see how many you can do without breaking. Watch it done below or click here to see how it's done.

32. Seated Twist: If you tried Russian twists and they were too advanced for you, this seated twist could be a great alternative! It's a great starting point on your fitness journey! For more info, click here.


33. Stability Ball Plank with Leg Lift: This is an advanced move that will rock your core. You will use your core for stability as you hold yourself up during this advanced plank. Get details on the move by clicking here.

stability ball plank with leg lift

34. Flying Tabletop: Ready to try something new? Try holding this tabletop pose for as long as you can. Track your progress and watch yourself improve while you strengthen your core and quads. Learn the move by clicking here.


35. Dolphin Press: Starting in downward dog, you move into a dolphin press. This move is a core-killing move that you'll love! Get more instructions here.


36. Barbie Abs: This is a leg-lifting move that puts you to work. By keeping your legs at different angles, you really focus your abdominal muscles to hold them in place. Click here to try them out.


37. Plank Toe Taps: This plank will work your core. By adding toe taps to your plank, you are pushing yourself harder and helping to tone your body. See the move performed here.


38. Straight Leg Reverse Crunch: This is no average crunch. This move will really work your lower abs, which is a trouble spot for many women. Click here to get the proper form.


39. Crossover Kicks: Give your core and hip flexors a workout with some crossover kicks. Try doing these for a full 60 seconds! See how they're done by clicking here.


40. V-Slide: The v-slide uses gliders but if you don't have any, paper plates or towels will work, depending on the surface you're working on. This move will work your chest and core! You can learn the move by clicking here.


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41. Kettlebell Sit-Up and Press: Sit-ups are a standard for ab workouts, but with the added kettlebell press you can work your core as well as your upper back. You can watch the move below and click here to read more.

42. Standing Side Crunch: The standing side crunch takes a well-known move and translates it to target the obliques. That means slimming those muffin tops! Click here to learn the standing side crunch.

Standing Side Crunch Grouped

43. Weighted Side Crunch: Like the standing side crunch, this move will target your obliques, helping you to shrink that muffin top. Click here to learn how it's done.


44. Reclined Inner Thigh Pulse: This move is an excellent choice when you want to work your thighs. Additionally however, this move will work your lower core where belly fat lives. Get step-by-step instructions by clicking here.


45. Side Climbers: This move does more than just work your core. It's also great for working your lats and quads. You can learn more about the move by clicking here.


46. Windmill: Grab your kettlebell and get going. This move will work your core, glutes and shoulders for an allover workout. To see how it's done, click here.


47. Stability Ball Leg Raises: Get ready for a move that works not just your abs but also your glutes, hamstrings and quads. If you're up for the challenge, click here!

stability ball leg raise

48. Mountain Climbers: This move may not be new to you, but it's a great workout to keep using in your routines. It will work your core and glutes for allover toning! Watch it done below or click here.

49. Frog Press: Core, hip flexors and glutes all get a workout with a frog press. It's a move you may not have tried before, but we recomend adding it to your fitness routine. See how it's done here.


50. C-Crunches: Finally, try out c-crunches. They are a form of crunches that really focus on strengthening your core. Make sure you're using the proper form to get the best results.