6 Light Workouts For When You Don't Feel Like Sweating Bullets

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no sweat workouts
(Photo: Women's Health)

Some days, you walk into the gym and you're ready to crush it (thank you, Beyoncé playlist). But other times, well, the only thing you want to crush is a nap.

If you’re feeling a little lazy, didn’t sleep well, or just really don’t want to totally wreck the great hair day you’re having, these light workouts from Women's Health will show your bod some love without driving you into the ground.

1. Wake Up Your Muscles: This sequence is the perfect way to get a feel-good stretch and work your core. In other words, it'll help prevent injuries when you do feel like going hard.

the wake up shake up workout
(Photo: Photo Courtesy of Women's Health)

2. Channel Your Inner Ballerina. If you love dance, yoga, and Pilates, check out this 20-minute sequence. You'll stretch and strengthen your muscles at the same time with these six easy-peasy moves. Check it out here.

3. Work ALL the Muscles. So you want to strengthen up from head to toe — unless it involves leaving home. You can do this full-body workout in your living room or bedroom, even if you live in a closet-sized apartment. Click here to see the workout.

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