5 Moves for a Strong and Defined Back

| Fitness

Whether there's bra bulge, back fat, or you need to tone up your shoulders, a strong and defined back will give you a more lean appearance, not to mention strong shoulders and arms. Try these 5 moves to get ready for tank tops and tan lines!

1. Reverse Fly: The reverse fly is done on a stability ball and will work our entire body, but you're sure to feel this especially through your shoulders. It’s great for toning that tricky spot. Click here to see how it’s done.

Reverse Chest Fly

2. Bent Over Rows: This move will work your triceps and your upper back. It can be done with a set of lighter weights to start out and you can challenge yourself with a heavier set as you get stronger. Be sure to use this proper form.


3. Back Extension: Roll your stability ball back out! This back extension will strengthen your core as well as your back. If you’re trying to ditch that back fat, then this is the move for you.


4. Deadlift with Upright Row: You’ll work your hamstrings with this move and simultaneously tone and strengthen your shoulders. It’s a great move o get you ready for tank top season! See how it’s done by clicking here.


5. Superman Rows: This move is far more challenging than it looks. It works your upper back, glutes and posterior chain. This move requires you use proper form - learn it here.