50 Fitness Moves Everyone Should Know How To Do

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Whether you're new to the fitness world or you're an experienced gym rat, there are tons of exercises worth knowing. From the basics to some Skinny Mom favorites you may have not tried yet, we have 50 moves that target every part of your body!


1. Reverse Crunch: Targeting your lower abs is not an easy thing to do, which is why this move is a must-know. It's challenging, but the results are worth it. Watch the move below and read more about it here.

2. Corkscrew: This move a great for the core and obliques. We love any move that can target your entire mid-section, so give this a try today.


3. Starfish Abs: This core exercise is a good way to change up a boring routine. It'll help you to tone and tighten that tricky mid-section! Click here to learn the move.


4. Bird Dog: This move comes from yoga, but that doesn't mean it's not an effective core cruncher! You'll build a lot of core strength when balancing during this move.


5. Genie Abs: Ready to work your core? Genie abs are a great way to challenge yourself. See how long you can work through this exercises and track your progress with every workout! Learn this move by clicking here.


6. Side Plank: Turning your plank to the side is a great way to test your core strength. With the balance and effort required, you'll be whittling that middle in no time. Learn the proper form by clicking here.


7. Barbie Abs: We like this ab move because it allows you to change things up. By keeping your legs at different levels, you really need to use your core strength to maintain form. See how it's done here.


8. Waist Trimmer: This move does exactly what it says — trims your waist. It may look easy in the photos, but trust us, you will be feelin' the burn in your obliques! Get step-by-step instructions here.


9. Russian Twist: A Russian Twist is a classic move you definitely want to have in your back pocket. Try it for 60 seconds and see how you do! Click here to try it out.

10. Advanced Russian Twist: Once you've mastered the classic Russian Twist, try out this advanced version. It'll bring you one step closer to that flat tummy! See it done here.

advanced russian twist

What moves should you know to get long and lean legs?


11. Double Lying Leg Lifts: Also known as a mermaid crunch, this is a great move for both your inner and outer thighs, which are trouble spots for many women. It's a great move to know, so try it out today!

12. Runner's Lunge Dips: While this move is great for the booty, you'll be feeling the burn in your quads, helping you to tone your thighs. See how it's done by clicking here.


13. Sweeping Skaters: Want to tone your thighs? This move will help you get there! Try it during your next fitness routine and get details here.


14. Plié with Calf Raise: This plié squat is a squat variation perfect for anyone who wants to lone their legs. It works your calves and hamstrings, giving you a long and lean look. Learn the move by clicking here.


15. Three-Way Lunge: This move works the booty, but it also targets those tricky quads. If you want to strengthen and tone the thighs, you'll definitely want to learn this move.


16. Weighted Calf Raises: This might seem easy, but after a solid 60 seconds of this, your calves will be burning. If you don't have weights, no worries! Click here to check out the move.


17. Weighted Leg Circles: This move is great for your hamstrings but it's also great for your obliques! Any move that can tone two tricky spots at once is a must-know! Learn the move clicking here.

Weighted Leg circles

18. Crossover Lunge: The crossover lunge is a great move for toning your legs! It's simple to master but effective, so make sure to try it out.

crossover lunge

19. Reverse Lunge with Front Kick: A reverse lunge is a great leg workout. Add a kick and you bring it to another level! Not only are you working the quads and hamstrings, but you're also working your booty! Watch it below or click here.

20. Thigh Sweep: Get your resistance band out again because this move is a winner. It's good for your glutes, but your hamstrings, hip flexors and quads will ALL benefit. Check out the move by clicking here.

thigh sweep

Ready to work that booty?


21. Booty Lift Plank: A plank is an awesome core workout, but with this variation, you're gonna be working that booty! Watch the video or click here to learn more.

22. Glute Bridge: This basic glute move will test your buns, core and hip flexors. Click here to see how it's done.

glute bridge

23. Weighted Donkey Kicks: We love this move to work your glutes. Try it with a light weight and see what your body is capable of. If it's too much, no worries! Ditch the weight and try again! Click here to see how it's done.


24. Leg Lift Tap: Work that booty with this new move. It's a great way to tone, lift and tighten. This move takes body control that forces you to utilize your muscles. Click here to see it done.


25. Reverse Flutter Kick: Strengthen your hamstrings as well as your glutes with these reverse flutter kicks. It may not look too challenging, but you'll feel differently after 60 seconds of this move. To learn the steps, click here.


26. Glute Bridge March: Not only does this bridge work your glutes, but it's also great for your core! Try it out and see how it feels.


27. Kickback with Resistance Band: Using a resistance band in your workout is a great way to push yourself and challenge your body. We love this move in particular because it's great for those inner thighs as well as glutes. Watch it below or click here to learn more.

28. Booty Kicks: Got a chair? This move is a great move if you prefer to workout at home. It will burn but you'll love the results! To see how it's done, click here.


29. Booty Rainbow: The move may have a whimsical name, but it's not joke! You'll get in a great butt workout as well as an inner and outer thigh move! To learn how it's done, click here.

leg rainbow

30. Squat Jump: This is great squat variation to tone your booty, but it also works those quads! Watch it done below or click here.


31. Hammer Curls: A hammer curl will help you to strengthen your biceps. Start with a lighter weight and move up weights as you get stronger. Watch the video below or click here to see how it's done.

32. Push-up: A push-up is a must-know move, no doubt about it. It is essential for your arms and really helps to tone your entire upper body. Make sure you have the proper form and have mastered this move. If a standard push up exceeds your strength level, start out with this modified version!


33. Rolling Triceps Extension: Working your triceps can be a little tricky, but this move will have them burning in no time! Be sure you're using proper form by learning it here.


34. Alternating Swing Curls: Ready to feel that bicep burn? How many reps can you do of these bad boys? Check out the move here.

Alternating Swing Curls

35. Seated Row with Resistance Band: Bump up those biceps with this move! The resistance band adds pressure for your muscles to work through. Click here to see instructions for this exercise.


36. Horizontal Bicep Curls: Good for both your biceps and shoulders, this move is a new way to work your upper body. Try it out by clicking here.


37. Concentration Curl on Stability Ball: This move has your abs working hard because you have to balance on the ball, but your biceps will also be burning after this move!

38. Overhead Tricep Extensions on Stability Ball: Keep that equipment out, because this is a move you'll love. You'll feel it in your triceps — check it out here.


39. Tricep Kickbacks: Work your triceps and biceps with this kickback. It's a great move to work the entire arm so click here to learn it.

tricep kickback

40. Horizontal In-and-Outs: This isn't easy, but it is effective! Your biceps and shoulders will really get a workout with this move. To see how it's done, click here.

horizontal in-and-outs


41. Decline Push-up on Step: If you don't have this equipment, you can do this on your steps at home. It's a great way to strengthen your chest and also target your core and triceps. Check out the proper form here.


42. Reverse Fly: This move can work muscles all over your body, but we love the way it works your chest. Roll out your stability ball, dust off your dumbbells and try it out!

Reverse Chest Fly

43. Alternating Shoulder Press: Toned shoulders can give your body an overall slimming look. This move will help to strengthen and tone the area to get you tank top-ready. Click here for details.


44. Dumbbell Shrugs: Another effective way to target your shoulders are with these dumbbell shrugs. They are simple to master but great for toning! Read more about the move here.


45. Curl to Press: This move is will work your biceps and shoulders. It's perfect for toning the upper body. See it done here.

Curl to press

46. Reverse Bicep Curl: This move does work your biceps, but it also targets your shoulders. Try it out by clicking here.


47. Stability Ball Chest Press: A chest press will work your arms and back, but with the added stability ball, you're also working your core thanks to the balancing aspect. You'll want to know this move because it can work so many different trouble spots. Click here to get step-by-step instructions.

stability ball chest press

48. Frog Crunch on Stability Ball: This is a total-body move but we love it for its effectiveness on your back. You may not have tried it before, so make sure you're using the proper form.

frog crunch on stability ball skinnymom brooke griffin move 2

49. Superman: A superman is a great move. You'll work your lower lumbar muscles as well as your abdominals. Watch the video below or click here to read more.

50. Back Extension: If you want to strengthen your back, this is the move to know. It's also good for toning your core, so try it out!