Tone Your Entire Body With This 6-Minute Workout

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Six minutes from now you'll be stronger, more toned and feeling energized. You don't need any equipment except for a chair, step or couch edge for some tricep dips, so you can do this anywhere! You can count in your head or use a clock or timer to keep you on track. Ready to go?


:15 seconds of jumping jacks: This basic cardio exercise will get the blood flowing through the lower and upper extremities. As you increase your heart rate, your muscles will get more red blood cells to help them fire off contractions. Click here for instructions.

:15 seconds of high knees: Use your arms and abs to help you counter balance. Drive the knees up to hip height as you alternate, keeping the grounded leg slightly bent to engage the muscles and protect the knee joint. Click here for more info.

high knees

:30 seconds of squat twists: To finalize that cardio ramp up, target your biggest muscles – the legs! Drop your hips down and back with your weight in your heels. Push out of the squat and twist your torso as you lift the opposing leg so the knee and elbow almost meet. Go as slow or fast as you want. For step-by-step photos, click here.


:30 seconds of plank taps: Time to drop to the floor and engage the core. The hands or elbows are under the shoulders and your hips are neither peaking nor sagging. Tap one leg out to the side and back to the center before you switch. Planks are the ideal ab transformer, and with this exercise, you beg every muscle in your body to work! Get more details by clicking here.


:30 seconds of bridge lifts: Flip over to your back and bend the knees so your feet are flat on the floor. Before you even lift your hips, pull your belly button into your spine. You should feel those lifts in your butt as you squeeze the glutes and drive through the heels, but control it all with your core. Learn more here. Check out how Real Mom Model Jean Sherfick uses a Pilates ring to intensify her lifts!


:30 seconds of tricep dips: Scoot your hips toward the edge of the couch seat or bench as your arms squeeze your rib cage, fingers pointing forward and elbows going straight behind you. The trick to these dips is not how low your hips go, but how much your elbows bend! Straighten the legs for an advanced dip or bend at the knee and walk the feet toward you. Make sure your hips graze the edge of your support surface with every rep! See more here.


:30 seconds of pushups with hand raise: Flip over again to knock out a few pushups. You can try these on your knees or slow it down and stay on your toes. Don't hold your breath! To power through this chest, arm and upper back toner, exhale as you lower and inhale as you come out of it. Click here to check it out.


:60 seconds of Chatarunga flow: Now that you're halfway through your workout, take aside one full minute to focus. Since you're already on your hands, push yourself into a downward dog, then lead the top of the head through your arms as the chest and hips hover above the floor. Take note of your breathing. For more detailed instructions, click here.

chaturanga dandasana

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:30 seconds of runner's lunge dips: This isometric hold in the lunge position ramps up with a little dipping action. Your front leg will heat up quickly as your glutes rotate the burn with each dip. Hello, legs! Try not to creep up; you want the front thigh parallel with the floor, if possible. Click here for more info. Repeat on the other leg for the next 30 seconds.



:30 seconds of prisoner jacks: Drop into a half squat and stay there. Place the hands behind your head with your elbows out to the sides. Just holding this position here will really work the legs, butt and back. Add a jack without coming out of your half squat – stay low! You're so close to the finish line, so push through these 30 seconds! Learn more about prisoner jacks here.


:30 seconds of chair pose: Finally, your last 30 seconds are here. Stay low in your half squat from the previous move and stretch the arms overhead to make a straight line from your fingertips through your shoulders and down your spine. Pull your abs in, squeeze the butt and thighs without pressing your knees together and push through your heels. Breathe. This total-body pose is th perfect way to wrap up your 6-minute sweat sesh! Check it out here.