Missing Equipment? Try These At-Home Workout Hacks

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You finally found 20 minutes to set aside for a quick sweat sesh at home, but you're lacking the equipment. Sure, you could go through the workout modifying your moves as bodyweight exercises, but you'll still feel a little gypped. No need to skip the workout all together. Get creative with the stuff you already have at home for a thrifty and effective solution!

1. Dumbbells: These are easy enough to find online or in stores, but you're a girl who likes options. Having free weights range from the 2-pound barre and Pilates weight to the 20-pound stationary row weight is ideal. If you're going light today, grab two full bottles of water. These are easier to hold and can fit nicely inside smaller hands, too. At the end of your workout, you can just drink one! If you're going heavier, try laundry detergent with a handle (tighten that cap!). Get inspired by Skinny Mom Founder Brooke Griffin by powering through 17 free weight moves!

strong arms back dumbbells

2. Barbell: So, what? You don't have a barbell lying around the house? No biggy. If you're using it to ensure good form and technique, replace it with a broom. If you're wanting a barbell for deadlifts or any overhead pushes, use dumbbells or the dumbbell replacements. Try the adductor lift here or practice your back squat form here.


3. Medicine ball: Medicine balls are great tools for strength training. If you're looking for one to add into your core workout or leg routine, dig into your kid's sandbox and fill a balloon, doubled-up plastic bag or pillow case.

feet on medicine ball

>> Work: Pushup on Medicine Ball

4. Squishy/exercise ball: Pilates balls are often used for toning exercises and lower back support when working on the floor. You can steal your kid's kickball or use a small throw pillow — fold the pillow in half and secure it with a rubber band or twine if needed.


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5. Exercise band: Mini bands (learn more about them here) and open-ended latex bands can be subbed with a stretchy scarf or you can get more use out of your Moby wrap. You can also cut out the neck of an old T-shirt, roll it around itself for increased strength and use it for pulsing movements.

mini band

6. Resistance band: Look into your garage or basement for bungee cords or stretchy cable ties. The resistance on these are insanely high, so try wearing work gloves (with grip) or keeping the movements smaller to maintain control. You can also try the stretchy scarf or fabric material for this one. Go ahead and try Skinny Mom's I'm With The Band Workout now!

Resistance Band Melissa

7. Gliders: This is an extremely common piece of equipment that is often subbed for with wash clothes, socks or paper plates. If you're on a hard, slick surface, you can use a pair of fuzzy socks over the hands or feet or press them into the center of a wash cloth. If you're on carpet, try some paper plates. Check out one way you can use them below with a Skinny Minute: