25 Sugar-Free Easter Egg Ideas

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Your annual Easter egg hunt is one of the best-loved traditions amongst your kids, but they can only handle so much candy! The rest of the day is going to be packed with food and sugar (here are some sugar-free treats to hold them over), so let's keep this scavenger hunt food-free. Here are 25 sugar-free ideas that should help get you started.


1. Small figurines or action figures: Just make sure you keep these away from teething toddlers!

2. Money: Don't feel obligated to tuck your child's college fund in there; a quarter or two will be sufficient.

3. Fake bugs: The perfect way to make those kids squeal!

4. Hair clips: Little hair bows and barrettes are a huge hit among our little princesses.

5. Marbles: These precious baubles are the perfect treasures for your Easter scavenger hunt.

6. Erasers: These trinkets are practical and fun, and they make a great gift for your little students.

7. Stick-on tattoos: Let your kids express their creative (non-permanent) impulses with these easy-t0-remove stickers!

8. Finger puppets: A wonderful way to entertain your younger treasure hunters.

9. Legos: Bring out the architecture in your little ones with these affordable toys.

10. Hot Wheels: These sleek, speedy cars will bring out the inner Nascar fan in all ages!

11. Magnetic letters: The secretly educational gift that will get your children excited about learning!

12. Bracelets: Simple friendship bracelets can be bundled up in any size Easter egg, which makes them the perfect go-to gift for your aspiring fashion stars.

13. Mini nail polish: Spoil your girls with a spa day! These little bottles of polish are absolutely essential to your mani/pedi station.


14. Bouncy ball: Just be prepared; once they start bouncing, they never stop!

15. Bubbles: Kids can't resist the allure of blowing bubbles!

16. Lip balm: With the endless assortment of new flavors and colors, lip balm is the perfect gift for kids of all ages and preferences.

17. Balloons: Beware, you will probably be coerced into being a balloon-blower for the rest of the afternoon!

18. Beads and string: Bring out the jeweler in all of your little treasure-seekers with a simple collection of beads and sturdy twine.

19. Rings: 25¢ rings are a great way to go when you are on a budget. These shiny jewels will have all those young ladies feeling like royalty!

20. Glow in the dark stars or stickers: These stickers are great for decorating ceilings and walls! They're sure to keep the monsters under the bed at bay.

21. Stickers: Kids love nothing more than a handful of stickers they can paste to every surface in sight (including themselves!).

22. Play-Doh: A little lump of Play-Doh will strike more excitement into the hearts of your children than any amount of riches or wealth!

23. Keychain: Have it personalized with your kid's name, and they'll carry it everywhere they go.

24. Stick-on earrings: Nothing makes a girl feel more like a princess than those shiny stick-on earrings!

25. Fun Band-Aids: Teach your children about safety the fun way, with Band-Aids that boast their favorite cartoon characters!

little girl on an easter egg hunt

Cutting out sugar from your kids' diets is well worth it in the long run. Don't believe us? Click here. For more fun, sugar-free ideas, check out these sources: How Does She and Baby Center.