Tone At Home Without Any Equipment

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Making it to the gym isn't always an option, but that doesn't mean you can't get in a great workout. With this no-equipment workout, you can tone and strengthen from the comfort of your living room!

1. Genie Abs: This is a simple-to-master move that will have your abs working hard! It requires nothing more than sheer will! Challenge yourself to a full 60 seconds of genie abs and track your progress. Click here to get more details on the move.


2. Burpees: The burpee is a hard-hitting exercise that everyone tries to avoid. Why? Because it's hard. But that's what makes it such a good move. Not only do you work your arms and core, but the jump adds legs and cardio. See it performed below or click here to learn more.

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>> Video: 3-Minute, No-Equipment Ab Workout:

3. Lying Double Leg Lifts: This move is great for working your inner and outer thighs, as well as your core. Without any equipment, you can easily do these at home. See them done by clicking here.


4. Squat Jumps: If you want to tone your legs, a squat jump is an excellent addition to your workout routine. It's great for your quads and glutes, making that lower body feel the burn! Watch it below or click here.

5. Plank Jack and Jump: Work your core and quads with this move. It's a great way to push your body and get your heart pumping during a workout at home! Get the details by clicking here.


6. Squat with a Twist: When you add a twist to your squat, you're making an excellent compound move. You'll be working your glutes and your obliques! To get step-by-step instructions, click here.


7. Chaturanga Pushup: This pushup is inspired from yoga but can be done outside of the studio! It's great for strengthening your back, triceps and abs. To get full instructions on the move, click here.

Chaturanga-Dandasana_Grouped copy

8. One-Arm Pushup: This is an advanced move that is super effective. Not only is it great for your tricep muscle, but it'll work your abs as well. If this is too difficult, there's no shame is doing a regular or modified pushup!


9. Superman Rows: It might not look like a challenge, but just wait until you try it out! It'll work your upper back, glutes and posterior chain. Give it a try by clicking here.


10. Crossover Lunge: This move requires no equipment but will work your entire leg. It's simple and effective — making it perfect for a quick at-home workout! To learn proper form, click here.

crossover lunge